The Untamed Souls of Scuba Dive Girls


ultimate girls getaway


"Do you want to go diving "? Any Scuba diver I know only has one answer: YES! That was my answer to a phone call from my diving buddy in Southern California. "What's the deal? Where to? When? Lets go," is all I could think to reply.

She informed me we were going to Freeport, Grand Bahamas in November 2009 with -get this-12 other women divers ! WOW!! Sign me up!

I thought, well this will be an adventure like no other, and I was so correct. After all the flight arrangements were made, deposits paid, I caught myself thinking “what have I gotten myself into?”

A few months later I found out. Sitting at an outside cafe in Freeport, ordering dinner and drinks with some of the group, I knew this would be a week to remember. We ranged in age from 27 to 65, all different vocations and interests. The glue holding this group together was a love for diving.

The next morning our dives were canceled due to rough seas, but we rallied with a tour of the island, taking pictures and joking along the way. Our tour guide and driver, the unforgettable Paddy, made it a fun and informative day. Again, dinner and drinks were in order. I loved the look of waiters seeing 12 beautiful women fill their doorway, waiting to share good times.

The following morning we couldn't wait to hit the water. Wetsuits, bikini's, do-rags and all the other "essential" equipment for divers was hustled to the boats before it became too rough out there. Not only was this an incredible, fun-loving group of women, but very talented divers as well. Many of our "girls" are master divers and instructors.

During the week we swam with dolphins, watched the incredible Cristina Zenato hand-feed sharks, went cavern diving in the jungle and learned some very essential diving skills -like how to easily change bathing suits between dives and  do yoga on the side of a moving boat. The camaraderie, love, care and concern shown to each of the "girls" as when some suffered from motion sickness on the boats was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

At the end of the week we all came away with incredible diving and friendship memories. I feel a connection to all the women who I met on this most fun trip. I sure hope I can be a part of the 2010 "Ultimate Girls Getaway" as I know it will be another memory maker.


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Written by Vicki Hisaw, California. Photo Credit: Szilvia Gogh