fourth element ocean positive bikini

Fourth Element OceanPositive Bikini

Originally fourth element OceanPositive products were conceived as a result of recycled ghost nets, turned in to Econyl to use in our swimwear and rashguards. We believe looking to the future that the issues that surround the destruction of our seas go far beyond just abandoned fishing nets.


Being ‘OceanPositive’ spans from not just what we do in the ocean but also what we do in our everyday lives.


Approximately 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish per year enters our seas. Dumped in to our oceans daily, this threatens marine life, pollutes beaches and affects local tourism industries. In several parts of the world including the Gulf of Mexico and the Baltic Sea, depletion of oxygen in the water has created enormous dead zones.


Imagine if below the water there was no more coral reef to explore, unique plants are dying out, wildlife is scarce and in some cases becoming extinct.


sockwa playa hi

Travel Size Stream2Sea Sunscreen

Protect your body while preserving the ecosystems you love with this high performance mineral-based sunscreen.


Our ingredients are natural or naturally derived, and as true to their source as possible. Each ingredient was consciously chosen for its safety and efficacy.  Then our finished products were rigorously tested so we could be confident in saying they are safe for both you and our planet.


We will not use any Octyl methoxycinnamate, Oxybenzone or other Benzene derivatives. We will not touch parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. We will not use chemicals that are known to be aquatic toxic. We do not like plastic either, which is why we use tubes made from biodegradable sugarcane resins.


  • Water resistant for 80 minutes of swimming or other water activity.


sockwa playa hi

Sockwa Playa Hi

Sockwa Playa Hi-Top is ideal for sand, grass, and in the ocean, but was designed for top pro beach athletes from Miami to Brazil who go out and play their hearts out each season, never giving in.


The outer sole is made of braided fabric and offers excellent abrasion in the sand. This Hi-Top is outfitted with a perfectly sized velcro flap that makes getting in and out a flash and keeps all the debris out.


The inner sole is now lined with a thin fleece to absorb sweat and make this Sockwa more comfortable than ever. The walls are 2 mm thick neoprene and have Lycra on the outside.

Editor's Note: I use these when jogging on the beach to avoid oil tar sticking to my feet.


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Prawno: Fish Park Crew Tee


Fish Park comes from some of the many dives that we have done where we literally felt like we were in an aquarium.  The design itself is meant to simulate that dreamy, contemplative moment that you have when you pinch yourself and realize how beautiful the underwater world is.


The sharks are from Stuart Cove's in the Bahamas, featuring freediver and stunt woman, Liz Parkinson.  Also pictured are trevally from Thailand, eyes of pygmy seahorses in Indonesia, and other fish from the Bahamas.

Printed by hand in North Carolina.

Prawno’s design inspiration comes from Lia’s encounters with marine life and individuals from the far corners of West Papua New Guinea to the deep darkness of the Cayman Trench. She translates her photography into designs for clothing that convey a fascination with the landscapes and creatures of the diverse underwater world, as well as the human role in its conservation.

Editor's Note: I am hard to impress when it comes to dive apparel. It was love at first sight with Prawno. It is the perfect length and is super soft.


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Prawno: Turtle Power Light Zip Hoodie


Turtle Power is not just a reference to an awesome show from our childhood, but it is also a nod to the beautiful green turtles of Balicasag in the Philippines.

Printed by hand in North Carolina.


Prawno is an oceanlifestyle clothing brand inspired by the underwater photography of Creative Director Lia Barrett. Launched in 2013, the collection is known for its hand printed designs, all created from silhouettes of the people and marine life captured in her acclaimed photography.


With marine conservation at our core, Prawno clothing incorporates fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles and recycled fabrics, and supports projects aimed at improving the conditions of our oceans.

Editor's Note: I am hard to impress when it comes to dive apparel. It was love at first sight with Prawno. Love the colors and designs.


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gannet float

Gannet Blue Water Spearfishing Float


Robust and ready for the worst the bluewater can dish out.


A true leap forward in float design and construction.  


Highly reinforced, puncture and abrasion resistant.


Comes with inflator adaptor, pressure gauge and safety whistle.

Three sizes:


Editor's Note: While this was really made for freedivers, I want to use it as a safety float when working as water safety on movie sets.



the bang wrangler

The Bang Wrangler


The first headband that stays put and keeps your hair out of your face in the water.


  • Fits most adult heads.
  • 100% silicone.


Editor's Note: This will keep your hair in place while the wind is blowing on the beach or while you are swimming in the ocean.



wdhof 2017 calendar

2017 Women Divers Hall of Fame Calendar


Donations for calendars are used to support WDHOF Scholarships & Training Grants.


WDHOF provides educational, mentorship, financial, and career opportunities to the diving community throughout the world.


Each year, WDHOF awards scholarships and training grants that provide financial and educational support to individuals of all ages, particularly those who are preparing for professional careers that involve diving.

Editor's Note: It is a meaningful and empowering gift to any female diver friend of yours.



women ubderwater book

Women Underwater The Comprehensive Guide for Women in Scuba Diving

Women Underwater engages women SCUBA divers with clear direction, intelligence, and sage advice about the remarkable adventures awaiting them underwater.


With inspiring stories from female role models who have forged successful careers in various diving disciplines, this book provides detailed suggestions, tips and hints regarding equipment choices, medical issues and the unique social factors challenging women in this male-dominated sport.


Drawing on decades of experience as instructors, consultants and expedition leaders, co-authors Jill Heinerth and Renee Power tackle topics for both recreational and technical divers.


By women and for women, this book answers delicate questions about female health concerns and navigating the choppy waters of culture and gender issues.



miss scuba beach tote

I am a Toes in the Sand Kind of Girl Necklace


This I am a toes in the sand kind of girl Necklace is inspired by my love for the beach, boating, scuba diving and just walking barefoot in the sand to bring out the hopeful & playful side of you.

This piece reflect's the artist's sense of mystery and individuality and beckons the free spirit in every self-made woman. Simply cool beach jewelry. Wearing it will make you feel light hearted and adventure hungry as well. 

Blue is the color of distance - oceans, skies, the heavens. The energy of blue helps us to look beyond the immediate environment, expanding our perceptions towards the unknown. Blue is the color of Divinity. It brings: Peace and understanding, enhances the easy flow of communication with yourself or others, calms and relaxes. Order this cool beach necklace here




Valstech Lenz iPhone housing


Designed for both everyday users and professionals alike, the LenzO™ iPhone 6/6s housing has all the features you expect from your phone while incorporating professional controls for serious underwater pictures and video.


Protect your phone from the elements, without sacrificing needed controls. Designed by industry professionals for those looking to create great imagery, the LenzO™ offers an optically correct dome lens to ensure sharp, clear images in every shot.


Editor's Note: At this time only the iPhone 6/6s housing is available but you can sign up to get an email when the 7 is ready to ship.


gopro karma

GoPro Karma Drone


The new quadcopter is sleek, compact and foldable, designed to fit in most any backpack.


Karma also has a gaming-like controller with a built-in touchscreen for controlling the device. Additionally, living up to Woodman's "more than just a drone" claim, Karma's 3-axis stabilizer has a trick up its sleeve -- it slides out from the drone and attaches to an included handheld "Karma Grip" so you can record smooth shots on the ground, too.


Editor's note: After earlier delays, it's finally arriving next month.


nautilus life line marine rescue gps

Nautilus Life Line - Marine Rescue GPS


The all new Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS is less than half the size of the original radio and it is incredibly simple to use. Simply undo the latch and open, turn on, remove the red distress cap and press the red button. That’s it!


Your GPS position accurate to 1.5 meters and a man overboard distress message will be broadcast to all AIS equipped ships up to 34 miles away as well as a special DSC message to the marine radio on your own vessel.


Your Nautilus LifeLine floats and is waterproof in all sea conditions.


5 years battery life. Just keep the o-ring clean and forget about it for the next 5 years. Don’t get left behind!


Editor's Note: this product is pre-order at this point but should be available shortly.


miss scuba t-shirt



Have you ever wanted to buy a t-shirt in a dive shop, yet it was only available in mens sizes? Get the softest, smoothest, most comfortable, light weight, best-looking girly scuba T-shirts available anywhere.

H2O + girl = Miss Scuba logo on front side with purple color printing on salmon color t-shirt. 

Long and lean fit. Short cap sleeves. Soft lightweight 100% cotton, combed for softness and comfort. Flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type. 

Supersoft and durable at the same time. Striped pattern with crew neck. Light weight, making it easy to travel with. Sporty yet stylish. Wear it on the beach or for a night out in town.





nautilus life linedry case cooler

Dry Case Beach Cooler


The Snow’s Cut™ cooler features a thick 30 mm insulation liner accompanied by a purge valve that can be used to create a vacuum seal for maximum ice retention! The purge valve also allows you to easily drain excess water from melted ice after use.

Other features include:


  • 40 Liters of Storage (48 cans of beer plus ice)
  • Extra wide opening for easy cooler access
  • Waterproof Zippered Clear outer storage pocket for phones
  • Removable backpack shoulder harness for hands free carrying
  • Extra Zippered Insulated Side cooler pocket
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Patent Pending


Editor's Note: Easy to carry it on the beach or onto a boat.


mermaid linden tail

Mermaid Linden Colorful Tail


Have you always dreamed of magically transforming into a mermaid or a merman? Mermaid Linden's Original Mix & Match Mermaid Tails by Body Glove are unlike any other tails in the world! Now you can switch your scales and tails as quickly as you'd change your outfit on land!

The special patent-pending design features a FUN new way to customize your mermaid style with different color combinations of monofins and tails to collect! Use your imagination and create a tail that’s uniquely YOU! 

The spe-shell sock insert design allows you to swim faster than ever in the water with our super powerful monofin, designed by a real mermaid! Mermaids and mermen can now transform rapidly back into their human form safely and easily with our quick-release design unlike anything you've seen before!

How many different color combinations will you dream up? Collect all of the colors and be the most stylish merperson at the pool!



Editor's Note: Fun gift for your mermaid wanna-be friend and kids alike.



your bag tag




Personalized Bag Tag


Pick your bags out of the crowd with custom luggage tags from YourBagTag. It's bright color makes it very easy to pick your bag out of the crowd.

Personalized with your monogrammed initial, name, or embroidered element, your bag will be hard to miss! Inside each tag, behind a secure velcro flap on the back, is a blank address card. You may also insert your standard-sized business card.

Editor's Note: If you want to gift something personalized to your dive buddy, this is it!


Use coupon code MISSSCUBA at checkout to get 15% Off!


mobby's dry suit

Mobby's Queen Cruise Suit

·          Most popular custom model for women

·          Based on A.C.T. – anatomical cutting technology (body in motion research) allowing for greater freedom of movement and mobility

·          Made with High Density 3.5mm neoprene that allows for greater comfort, softness, and flexibility than other neoprene drysuits

·          Customized fit, color and suit markings such as your logo, name, etc. can be added

·          Large selection of colors available to make it your own unique look

·          Mobby’s, since 1963.


Editor's Note: I have one coming my way. Can not wait to try it. It even has my initials on it.


DAN O2 unit

DAN Rescue Care Pack

This new bag is designed to deploy and transport your portable oxygen supply with ease. Using the EZ-Grab pull bars, two main panels open to access your oxygen system and supplies.



  • Pocket Mask
  • Non-rebreather Mask
  • Tru-fit(r) Mask
  • Brass Multi-functional Regulator
  • Demand regulator w/hose
  • One Jumbo D Cylinder
  • Oxygen Maintenance Slate
  • One Pair of Gloves


Editor's Note: I never go beach diving or to remote areas without having O2 ready in case anyone in my team needs it. Most dive boats have O2 on board, but always check before you go. It is better safe than sorry.


linden wolbert mermaid monofin


Mermaid Linden said: We knew the monofins would become our top-seller, so the focus was on them from the get-go. Tooling and molding, beta testing, design trial and error, aesthetic, comfort, functionality...these things all take time and patience to achieve and achieve successfully. My wish was for the tail to look much like my own silicone tail, an original design with a crescent fluke that some of the fastest fish in the world possess.


I worked with an awesome design team who were wonderful. After months and months of back and forth sketches, emails, digital renderings and upgrades, I finally held the prototype of one of my monofins in my hands in late 2014. It was a truly exciting moment! I learned immeasurable things throughout the process. What a ride!


spirit sunglasses

Miss Scuba Never Hold Your Breath Dive Necklace with a Mermaid

Our Signature Mermaid Necklace revamped with a DIVE charm, a Rutilated Quartz Gem and hand stamped with a good reminder "Never Hold Your Breath!

Mermaids symbolize Love, Beauty, Mystery, Untamed Spirit and Femininity.

The image of the Mermaid, the sea-swelling half-woman, half-fish, has been an endearing and popular one; the 'great fish of the ocean', rising out of the sea each day and disappearing back under the waves each night.

Sexually tantalizing and devastatingly lovely, mermaids are perfect pinups for feminine power. This is quite nice, as mermaids also represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence (they can never be contained and frequently avoid settling).


scubapro white tip knife


This down-sized dive knife takes up very little space but gets the job done when it's time to do some slicing.

For divers looking for an ultra compact cutting tool, there's SCUBAPRO's WHITE TIP.


Made of 304-grade hard-tempered stainless steel, the WHITE TIP's blade is 2.56in/6.6cm long and provides both an excellent cutting edge and good resistance to surface oxidation. It includes a serrated edge -- best for sawing through rope, a conventional edge -- best for making clean slicing cuts, and an angled  Tanto tip, one of the strongest knife points available. A slot in the handle provides a place to string a lanyard.

Editor's Note: I use the WHITE TIP compact knife attached to a hose as my primary knife. It has freed me from fishing lines and served also as an audible signaling device when trying to get my buddy's attention by banging the blade on my tank.


Surf Fur Jacket



The Surf-fur™ is designed to be worn before going out into the water to really get your body temperature up before entering the frigid ocean water. It protects body from the wind and harsh elements at the beach. Wear the Surf-fur™ Dive Parka in between dives to re-heat the body to safe temperatures before going back down for the second dive.


When it’s really cold out, wrap the Surf-fur™ around the body with the wet wetsuit still on, jump in the car and drive home to a hot shower. Water resistant fabric keep car seats protected.


Editor's Note: While filming a travel show one windy day on a boat, my Surf Fur jacket saved me from freezing. It keept me super warm between shots. Once we were done shooting. using the Zen Changing Pockets I could put my hands through to the interior of the coat to take off the wet bathing suit in privacy.


scubapro blue s600


The high performance MK25/S600 Deep Blue Titanium Core has long been known for its low work of breathing and tremendous reserve capacity. Year after year, in successive independent tests, it has consistently ranked as one of the top-performing regs on the market.

Add the durable jewel-colored DEEP BLUE PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish on both first and second stages, providing superior scratch- and corrosion-resistance, and you've got a reg system that breathes like a dream and looks dynamit.

Editor's Note: One of my long time favorite regulators in a new cool color.




The only product of its kind, RinseKit is a pressurized, portable shower that’s like having a hose to go!


With no pumping and no batteries, RinseKit delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes. RinseKit stores the strength of a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and can be quickly filled with hot or cold water. 

RinseKit’s patented design features the eon™ pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower.  It comes packed with thoughtful features, including: compact design with a 2 gallon pressure chamber, built-in ruler to measure fish, folding handle for one-handed carrying, and easy-to-remove lid to stand on for changing.




The Perfect Solution for Water-Based Activities.


EarShield is a personal skin care cosmetic spray for conditioning and cleansing of the ears prior to water based activities. Delivering a fine metered spray of a unique blend of water repellent Olive, Mineral & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear, finely coating the auditory canal, giving a conditioning water repellent and cleansing action.  


Each spray contains approximately 0.05ml of oil solution and should be sprayed into the ears prior to entering the water.


The product is packaged into a unique injection molded carrying case with a resealable lid.  This allows the product to be carried in dive bags, swim bags, pool or beach bags without a chance of the product being accidentally dispensed. 


stahlsac moyo one

Stahlsac Moyo One for GoPro

GoPro® cameras… How did we ever live without them?  GoPro® is synonymous with adventure video.  These rugged little cameras can go just about anywhere, and capture all your adventures in HD…including the underwater kind.  Unless you are a professional videographer, many scuba divers and water enthusiasts opt for the affordable GoPro® camera. 


While GoPro® cameras may seem indestructible, they are not.  Neither are the battery packs, remotes, chargers, LCD BacPac™, and housings.  Most of these items do not react well with water, sand, and bumps. 


The Moyo is the first line of GoPro® cases to include a drybag.  Its unique construction can protect the camera and its accessories in any environment.  To make sure you have everything you need, Stahlsac offers three sizes of cases.


Scuba Do Rag Coco Big Oh

Scuba Do Rag CoCo Big Oh

THE headband with no ties. Six inches at it's widest point for no bulk comfort. And, you can place ponytail through "Oh"pening ... Who could turn down a Big Oh? So comfortable for active sports and for fashion savvy.


Also known as Scuba Do Rag, Do Rag, DoRag, Doo Rag, DooRag, Bandana, Hat, Head Gear and Head Wrap, our products are made of fab, funky spandex fabrics that provide sun and hair color protection. For pirate to underwater explorer, chemo patient, runner and fashion forwards, our patented ScubaDoRag line of products include Scuba Tube Socks, our funky RashGuards so you can dive into your active lifestyle.

Editor's Note: It is a great cross between practical and cute. I own it in a few different colors and use it not only for scuba diving but when practising yoga or run on the beach as well.


Body Glove Breathe Paddle Suit

Body Glove Breathe Tarahiki Paddle Suit

This long sleeve one-piece paddle suit is constructed with Body Glove's signature Hybrid swim-workout material so you can paddle out in the morning and wear it as a Yoga onesie in the afternoon.


Made with super stretchy quick-dry material , this paddle suit features a functional zipper down the front and can be layered over a Body Glove swimsuits.

Editor's Note: I love this piece! It is the perfect combination of a bikini and a rash guard in one. This colorful suit helps me avoid getting sunburn and eases to put back on my wetsuit between dives. It is conveniently wearable to any and all of my water activities including paddle boarding, swimming and surfing. Not to mention that this stretchy, curve hugging apparel is a comfortable yet sexy wear for the afternoon beach party. It became an instant favorite.


Voyager Relief Band Watch

Laser Engraved Equipment Tags

Laser engraved equipment tags from YourBagTag come in round or square formats. Made of tough and durable 2-ply plastic, these tags come in 6 different colors and can be personalized with up to 3 lines of text. 

Consider using them on:
  • Dive Bags
  • Kayaking Dry Bags
  • Sports Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Tool Boxes
  • Camping Stuff Sacks


Voyager Relief Band Watch

Voyager Relief Band Watch

the Non-Drug Solution for Motion Sickness.

The ReliefBand® with Replaceable Batteries is a FDA cleared medical device that relieves symptoms associated with MotionSickness (nausea and vomiting) using proprietary nerve stimulation technology. 

Technically referred to as “neuromodulation,” the ReliefBand is specifically programmed to regulate and balance the various stimulus mechanisms causing motion sickness. When activated, the device emits gentle electrical impulses to the underside of the wrist. These intermittent signals create a “tingling” sensation in the palm and middle fingers, indicating the device is working and stimulating the appropriate median nerve.



scubapro litehawk bcd

Scubapro LiteHawk

From the makers of the Ladyhawk and Knighthawk comes the light weight travel version of these popular rear inflation BCDs. 


Divers get the benefits of back flotation in this super lightweight BC made for easy traveling. Super Lightweight, perfect for travel: just 2,36 kg / 5.2 lbs

Elastic cords automatically control the size and keep the air cell streamlined when partially inflated.


Editor's Note: I have used this BCD from Antarctica to South Africa. Love the swivel, making it a perfect snug fit, whether I use dry suit or just a bathing suit. It also takes up very little space when packing. These days of travel, it makes a big difference.

The Scubapro LiteHawk is super fast to put on or take off, which is also an important feature for me as a stunt diver.


gomask for gopro xs scuba

GoMask for GoPro

Quick & Secure Attachment of all GoPro® Cameras to the GoMask

Solid Stainless Steel GoPro® Mount with Build-in Threads - No Nut Needed

Fast & Easy Attachment with Your Current GoPro® Attachment Screw

XS Scuba - Building Only the Highest Quality Professional Scuba Gear Since 1999

Impact Resistant Tempered EverClear Glass Lenses


Liquid Silicone Skirt (LIM) with Double Feathered Edge for Excellent Universal Seal & Fit


One-Touch Adjustable Buckles allow for Easy Adjustment and Rotation


go pro switchblade lens

Polar Pro Switchblade Macro/Red Combo Filter for GoPro Hero3 and 3+

The Switchblade3 and Switchblade3+ feature a glass red and a much more powerful glass Macro lens.


The Switchblade 3 and Switchblade 3+ are perfect for all scuba divers who want to capture the most creative, sharp videos possible. The red glass filter color corrects in blue and tropical water, while the macro lens enables razor sharp close ups of aquatic life. Both the filter and the macro swing on and off, giving users ultimate versatility. The whole unit mounts securely to GoPro’s waterproof housing.


The 2.2X macro lens offers great magnification and macro effect.

The Ultimate 3 in 1 GoPro Dive combo. The red filter and the macro lens both swing out of the way allowing the user to film with: Only the Red Filter, Only the Macro Lens, Both the Red and Macro lens, or no filter and no lens. All of this while the unit is still attached to the camera.


miss scuba Diversity Black Thermal

Unisex DIVERSITY Miss Scuba Dive Thermal

DIVERSITY: This piece has double entendre. Wear it diving and think of all the places you can visit, but it also reminds you to the variety of people you will encounter during your everyday life. 


This is the most comfortably supple thermal you will ever own.


This thermal is beautifully soft to the touch. It has thermal properties to keep you cozy during the winter, yet cool at the summer.

Supersoft and durable at the same time. Striped pattern with crew neck. Light weight, making it easy to travel with. Sporty yet stylish. Wear it on the beach or for a night out in town.

Editor's Note: We had some request to make more male apparel as well, so here we go. Our popular DIVERSITY thermal is now available in male version. Girls can wear it too of course.


atomic blade fin

Atomic Aquatics Blade Fin

By uniquely combining two structural frame designs used in aircraft and Indy race cars, Atomic BladeFins are engineered for power and thrust.


Atomic Aquatics BladeFins Capture water and Contain the flow without spilling it over the edges while Channeling the flow of water down the blade and off the vertical stabilizer edge tips, and Controlling the power with two frame structures (Monocoque and Frame Rail) to fully optimize the paddle fin design and kicking effort.


Atomic Aquatics gives you choices to meet your dive needs and personal swimming style. BladeFins are designed to deliver power and thrust that only a paddle fin design can provide divers to cruise through the water and vertical stabilizers on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick.

Editor's Note: I can not wait to try out these fins. So far everything Atomic Aquatics have ever created I loved.


SeaDiver RayBlocker-HD Mask Great for Scuba Diving

RayBlocker-HD lenses allows both divers and snorkelers to obtain a "true view" of the underwater world. This mask features a specially designed glass tint that allows an ulltra-clear view combined withe the Anti-UV and anti-glare RayBlocker coating. This combination gives exceptional clarity and easy-on-your-eyes viewing.

Editor's Note:This mask works like a pair of sunglasses. There is never squinting in the sun when diving in sunny places while swimming on the surface. I love how this mask makes everything look sharper and more colorful! The bonus is that it comes in a size that fits most woman.





Want to create gear bags that stand out on the boat or on the beach? Check out  Divers can now design and order their own top-quality, colorful, mesh gear bags.   Stop wondering which gear bag is yours in the pile.

At, divers can create their bag online, choosing from a multitude of colors for the body, straps, end panels and pockets of their bag. There is an embroidery option for adding a name or message to the bag.

Editor's Note: I use this bag for so much more than just scuba diving. I pack my swim gear or toys for a day at the beach in this light weight, colorful and fun bag to ensure water and sand drips out before I put my gear in the car.


watershed dry bag

Watershed Dry Bag


When you want the best in dry protection for the boat or the beach in a tote-style bag, look no further than the Watershed Largo. The Largo will carry a large amount of gear, but stows flat in tight spaces. Fishermen love this bag as well; it will hold plenty of plastic tackle boxes with room to spare for dry clothing, electronics, and valuables.


Simply rolling something a bunch of times will not keep water out under submersion. Solution: the ZipDry® seal. Snap it shut like a freezer bag, and anything inside is protected - even underwater.


seawing nova scubapro full foot fins

SCUBAPRO Seawing Nova Full Foot Fins


This Full Foot version has all the same power, acceleration, maneuverability and effortless kicking characteristics as Scubapro's award winning Adjustable Seawing Nova fins.


The new full foot pocket is extremely comfortable with neoprene socks or even without, and ideal in all diving situations.


  • - Durable Monprene® construction
  • - Clean water blade geometry
  • - Variable pivot control ribs
  • - Ergonomic foot pocket with extended heel plate

Editor's Note: I used these fins when filming Piranha 3D and instantly fell in love with the spring-like response resulted from every kick I did. It is a great fin when precision is important in your diving.


BARE Elastek Wetsuit

BARE Elastec Wetsuit


When you don’t notice your dive gear, your underwater experience is full of discovery. You have greater awareness of your surroundings. You are more curious. You are more confident to explore. Discovery is what diving is all about. Because on that best dive, it’s the discoveries that should be the topic of conversation, not your gear.

ELASTEK series wetsuits boast the newest advancements in wetsuit technology and design. These FULL-STRETCH suits incorporats Bare's latest innovation in dry technology; such as, SEAMTEK, a taping method that protects stitching and provides a waterproof barrier; our next generation back zipper with an offset tooth design and coated zipper tape; a “skin-to-skin” double internal sealing zipper flap with spine pad - all designed to keep you dry and warm.

Editor's Note: I used this wetsuit for my latest adventures in Indonesia and the way the Elastec hugged my body felt incredibly comfortable and form fitted. The suit is streamline, stylish and sexy looking.


Danger Dtangler

Danger Dtangler


Got long hair and an active lifestyle, diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, motorbiking... anywhere there's wind, action and hair you will need a DanglerDtangler. Just take off at the end of the activity shake your hair loose and go off for a five star dinner, with sleek untangled hair!

Made of neoprene with its specially formulated rubber backing that ensures constant grip and non slippage, this is the ideal equipment accessory for long haired adventure junkies!

Choose between the 15cm or the 25cm. Make sure that the length is longer rather than shorter - you can always cut it down to fit.

Great for presents for that adventure junky girlfriend (or boyfriend!) in your life - or treat yourself. An untangled life lies ahead!


zeagle zena bcd



The greatest difficulty in properly sizing a woman's Buoyancy System is not finding a smaller size, or allowing for the bust, but lies in the fact that women's bodies have a defined waist where a waistband must fasten in order to secure the BC. At the same time, women tend to have both a shorter torso length and a lower center of buoyancy compared to men. So conventional buoyancy systems,which would ideally be worn lower for best balance and comfort, must be wornhigher, around the narrowest part of the waist, in order to be secure.
The Zena's twin waist and hip band system provides a way for women to securely position the weights and buoyancy below waist level, around the body's center of buoyancy.

TheZena BC, however, has been designed by women as a buoyancy system specifically for women. The twin straps adjust to fit waist and hips independently, while the elastic front panels provide outstanding fit and comfort.

Editor's Note: This BCD feels so comfortable and fits like a glove - like a custom made personal buoyancy compensator.


apollo bio filter



During a dive, we continue to release humidity. However, each intake of dry air from a tank deprives the lungs and body of moisture replenishment. This unnatural lack of humidity is very hard on your body. The most obvious result of the loss is dry throat and cottonmouth.

Apollo's patented moisture system can now be added to almost any brand regulator. The Bio-Filter is easy to install, use, and maintain. It is also great as an addition to a rental regulator when traveling. The moisture system assures clean moisturized air.

Editor's Note: This gadget is truly amazing. I could not believe the difference I felt diving with the Bio Filter. For the first time I did not have to imagine lemons to keep my throat from drying out.


UK Aqualite

UK AquaLite for GoPro and Other Cameras


Bring out the incredible underwater colors and intricate detail of marine life with the Aqualite™ Video. Fish and invertebrates hiding under ledges and holes often receive little ambient sunlight and require additional lighting for underwater videos to come to life. Lighting the foreground with daylight colored Aqualite illumination while allowing the delicate blues and greens of the open water background to fade into the depths can produce prize winning videos.


Those of you who are more experienced in underwater video will appreciate the fact that the Aqualite™ is so small that you can use two or more lights and still not be over weighted. A pair of Aqualites set at different brightness levels will add additional dimension and beauty to an underwater subject.


The Aqualite™ shown at right with a Canon™ camera and also with a GoPro HD Hero™.


Editor's Note: For filming around the world we used to carry huge lights to bring out vivid colors at depth. Now we can achieve the same result with a light that fits in my pocket.


miss scuba apparel

Miss Scuba Thermal


Get the softest, smoothest, most comfortable, light weight, best-looking girly scuba apparel available anywhere. This is the most comfortably supple thermal you will ever own.

H2O + girl = on front, Miss Scuba logo on back side with orange printing.

This thermal is beautifully soft to the touch. It has thermal properties to keep you cozy during the winter, yet cool at the summer. It does not wrinkle and it is light weight, making it perfect for travel. Soft lightweight 100% cotton, combed for softness and comfort.


Editor's Note: I never leave home without this.


diversity necklace

DIVERSITY Sterling Silver Travel Necklace with various Charms

It is the Ultimate Scuba Traveler's Charm Necklace filled with memories. I picked up all parts throughout my adventures around the world. Each shark tooth is unique and I found it at the bottom of the ocean while diving or while walking at a beach.

Kyanite helps you to understand the true purpose of life. It aids in the release of frustration and stress and dispels confusion and false beliefs.

Carnelian gemstone is known as the self esteem gemstone because it is such a powerful motivator. It helps you to overcome the various parts of your personality that may be holding you back allowing you to step out into the world and claim your destiny.


Editor's Note: DIVERSITY: This colorful piece has double entendre. Wear it diving and think of all the places you can visit, but it also reminds you to the variety of people you will encounter during your every day life.


neptunic hoodie

Neptunic Hoodie


Neptunic Makes Equipment for Watermen. You probably have seen their Chain Mail Anti-Shark Suit, but they create more than just chain suits.


Inspired by the grace and passion of Hall of Fame Diver, Cristina Zenato, Neptunuic offers a collection of easy to wear essentials. Cristina Zenato has spent a lifetime on the ocean working with sharks and other amazing creatures to break down the misconceptions of popular media. Her expertise in Tonic Immobility has earned her the nickname "The Shark Dancer." Cristina's elegance and ease of style are represented in our Limited Edition Collection, Neptunic X CZ.


Editor's Note: Neptunic has so many cool apparel that is hard to own just one. This one however is my favorite. I love the simplicity of this ocean blue hoodie. It is the perfect length to keep my waist warm.


waterproof drysuit



Waterproof spent three years analyzing the problems of standard drysuit, sourced superior quality materials and exhaustively tested prototypes in the Antarctic to find the answer to the perfect drysuit. 

The result, the revolutionary patented D1 Hybrid. The D1 is the world’s first Insulated Constant Volume Drysuit.

Revolutionary Hybrid Concept Design.  Waterproof Exclusive.

Includes: Integrated Silicone Neck and Wrist Seals (installed), one additional wrist and neck seal, Drybag, Hose, and 5/7MM H1 Hood.

Due to the proprietary 3-D Mesh Inner Lining used in the D1, we recommend only the BodyZor/BodyTec undergarment for all temperatures.


Editor's Note: It is one of the most expensive drysuits in the market ($3499) but I just have to get this Swedish beauty before returning to Antarctica. I love all my Waterproof wet and semi-dry suits I have. The design is out of this world cool, it fits female body perfectly and most importantly, it keeps me warm. In this drysuit, I can wear a t-shirt and short to dive in ice cold waters.


scubapro carry on bag

Scubapro Cabin Bag


Size conforms to IATA regulations making it the perfect carry on luggage. Telescopic towing handle and reinforced wheels for easy transport.

Capacity: 34/41L Weight: 3,70 kg. Dimensions: 50cm x 36cm x 19/23cm.


Robust, ligthweight and abrasion resistant NT fabric (combination of reinforced Nylon and polyester, PVC with polyester piping), with spiral zip fasteners with SCUBAPRO printed tabs. Light but very sturdy mesh fabric with salt water resistant YKK zip fasteners for mesh bags. Polyester thread extremely resistant to salt water and pulling. All main compartments are equipped with double zip fasteners that enable use of one fastening system. All the models with transport wheels are equipped with salt water resistant wheels and with stainless axles.

Editor's Note: If you are looking for a bag that will fit your gear and clothes for a weekend getaway somewhere warm, look no further. _____________________________________________________________

your bag tag




Personalized Bag Tag


Pick your bags out of the crowd with custom luggage tags from YourBagTag. It's bright color makes it very easy to pick your bag out of the crowd.

Personalized with your monogrammed initial, name, or embroidered element, your bag will be hard to miss! Inside each tag, behind a secure velcro flap on the back, is a blank address card. You may also insert your standard-sized business card.

Editor's Note: If you want to gift something personalized to your dive buddy, this is it!


xcel rashguard



Complete coverage for those snorkelers and divers spending extended days with no shade. Never again suffer from charred ears and lobster neck.


This hoodie is kind of a rash guard, but it is more than that. It is made of recycled eco-friendly material. The fabric is breathable and lightweight. It offers UPF 30 Sun Protection. It is stretchy and dry quick.


Editor's Note: My wardrobe is filled with different color and style rash guards. I wear them over my bathing suit when swimming, snorkeling, between dives and for rowing to avoid sun burn. My latest favorite is the Xcel Ventx Hoodie. I love that it is not body tight, especially after lunch or on days when I am feeling bloated. I don't have to cover my arms and back with SPF 30 sun block that washes off into the water, so I can feel that I am saving the oceans in some ways. It dries within minutes on the sun. The Ventx Hoodie is my perfect wear for the summer drives I take by the coast. It breathes, keeps me cool and is a comfortable chick beach wear.



miss scuba breath in out necklace


Made for those who are just a little too busy, who forget to relax and enjoy the simpler things. After all, you can't stop and smell the roses if you're running out of breath. 

One charm reminds you to take a "Breath In" and the other to "Breath Out".

Sterling Silver. Charms are about 1/2 Inch.

Editor's Note: For those girlfriends who just will not give up looking perfect -even on a dive boat.



iGills for iPhone


The SE-35's integrated computer and sensors work with your iPhone to provide advanced dive computer functionality with an easy to use interface. Multiple diving modes including Air, Nitrox, and Gauge add to its versatility. iGills includes ascent rate indication, nitrogen loading tracking over multiple dives, low time and depth alarms, altitude compensation, and more. As you navigate to other screens to take pictures or video, the most relevant dive parameters like depth and time remaining go with you. All your critical information is always in view... And it's all delivered to you on the beautiful Retina display.

Flip over to the camera with the press of a button and you're ready to shoot. Equipped with your iPhone4S 8-megapixel, autofocus camera you'll never miss a shot. The new iSight camera has fantastic performance from macro to wide angle.

iGills automatically generates a content rich dive log. Before you dive, iGills gets your location. When you hit the water, it creates a dive event, stores your depth profile throughout the dive, and links pictures and videos captured to the dive event.

Share the same way you share the rest of your digital creations. Media generated with iGills can be synced through iCloud, posted on Facebook, or emailed directly from your phone. With iGills your friends can be enjoying your dive pics before you're even off the boat.


Editor's note: I have yet to try this, but hope Santa will bring me one ;-)
It is on the pricey side at $329 but anything to do with iPhones are.

dive into diversity 

Dive Into Diversity DVD


Dive Into Diversity from the award-winning Dive Into Your Imagination series created by Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie, entertains and educates children about the amazing natural world in the ocean.  Dive Into Your Imagination is changing the way a new generation views the Ocean and themselves!

Dive Into Diversity teaches children about all the variety of life under the sea and how animals rely upon one another for survival. Take a ride to a depth of 1500 feet in the deep sea with a submarine pilot! Find out what happens on the reef at NIGHT. Learn what eating ice cream and brushing your teeth have in common. Why do crabs have claws? What can grow three feet in just one day?  You and your children will be entertained while learning about the sea just like the first two DVD’s in the series, “What Makes A Fish, A Fish?” and “Who Lives In The Sea?”


Editor's Note: Perfect gift for teenage divers and families. I love the enthusiasm Annie has for our oceans and to pass on her experiences to the next generation in an engaging, educational way.


Scubapro Meridian Computer



Use Meridian as a multi-function wrist watch, dive in SCUBA, APNEA or GAUGE modes. Meridian performs advanced functions in timeless style above and below the surface.

Displays are visually clear and easy to navigate. An intuitive +/- push of a button leads you to more advanced information and data.
Housing in highest marine grade stainless steel with two-toned brushed finishing, for heavy duty longevity with designer looks.


Editor's Note: It has been a while since I got gaga over a watch computer, but the Meridian was love at first sight.


breathe gogh jewelry

Gold Filled BREATHE Infiniti Circle Necklace


Delicate, Feminine and Simple. It is Trendy now and always will be. 

Sometimes a deep breath is all you need to regroup and re-energize. But for those days when you need a friendly reminder, wear Gogh Jewelry Design's grounding pendant, conveniently etched with the magic word: "BREATHE". 

Made for yogis, scuba divers and for those who are just a little too busy, who forget to relax and enjoy the simpler things. After all, you can't stop and smell the roses if you're running out of breath.


Handmade with Love in California.



scuba do rag



Practical yet fashionable, the CoCoBigOh! Is a 6” wide headband (to our British friends - Alice band) that features a high quality ponytail holder at the back of the band. Just pull your hair through the ponytail opening to reduce hair pulls.


Wear wide or scrunch up and turn under. Made of a 4-way stretch, high performance fabric in bright colors and prints, it also makes a fashion statement topside. Great for Yoga, Pilates, running in addition to water sports.


Select from tons of cool designs! Surely you will find one that is your style.


Editor's Note: It is a funky cool way to bring style to the dive boat. These colorful hair accessories not only look good but help you keep the hair out of the mask. The bonus; your dive buddy can spot you from the crowd really easy.


This great picture was published on ScubaBoard

oceanic biolte female bcd



The newest lightweight female BCD at just 5.5 pounds! The new Biolite BC looks to establish itself as a complete solution with the introduction of a new color design and streamlined, integrated weight system. This is a great travel BC.


The Biolite keeps things simple with a clean, straightforward design that focuses on comfort and convenience. If your travel plans call for lightweight luggage, then the Biolite BC is definitely for you.


Editor's Note: I really like this BC! I loved how streamline it felt. On the front the top quick release at the chest is movable, making it more adjustable for comfort. I like the big zippered pockets (I keep my pocket mask in one and my mirror and whistle in the other). The Biolite BC was truly designed with female divers in mind.


It is a good one to travel with for all my shoots these days when every pound I pack in my bag counts. I also used it in California waters and works well as a cold water BCD as well.

chammyz dive clothing



Chammyz's original product was designed to be the ultimate after water sports, beach, outdoors and lifestyle pullover. Complete with hood, kangaroo pouch and drawstrings for both hood and waist. Relaxed cuts allow for free movement, regardless of your activity.


Breathable: Chammyz is manufactured from fibers, which allow your body to breathe.


Recyclable: This fabric is 100% all natural and environmentally friendly by utilizing wood fiber waste.


Editor's Note: Comfortable, practical and stylish. It dries so fast that I can wear it dry again after each dive. UV Protectant: UVA and UVB-government rating of 50+

sea cure



Finding a mouthpiece that offers both unbeatable security and comfort has forever been the diver’s dilemma. 


SeaCure is a unique, moldable mouthpiece designed to precisely fit the individual diver’s mouth, teeth, gums and jaw configuration to provide maximum support of a regulator and, thus, eliminate jaw fatigue.  The professional as well as the recreational diver will find SeaCure to be extremely well suited for all types of diving conditions.


The newest model, the “Hi-Flow” offers an expanded port, which provides increased air flow.  The Hi-Flow is available in clear, blue, black and pink.


Editor's Note: It is really comfortable to have a custom mouthpiece. I notice the difference whenever I use somebody else's regulator.

xcel ventx hoodie



Complete coverage for those snorkelers and divers spending extended days with no shade. Never again suffer from charred ears and lobster neck.


This hoodie is kind of a rash guard, but it is more than that. It is made of recycled eco-friendly material. The fabric is breathable and lightweight. It offers UPF 30 Sun Protection. It is stretchy and dry quick.


Editor's Note: My wardrobe is filled with different color and style rash guards. I wear them over my bathing suit when swimming, snorkeling, between dives and for rowing to avoid sun burn. My latest favorite is the Xcel Ventx Hoodie. I love that it is not body tight, especially after lunch or on days when I am feeling bloated. I don't have to cover my arms and back with SPF 30 sun block that washes off into the water, so I can feel that I am saving the oceans in some ways. It dries within minutes on the sun. The Ventx Hoodie is my perfect wear for the summer drives I take by the coast. It breathes, keeps me cool and is a comfortable chick beach wear.

Smart Cart Adventure



The "Adventure Cart" is a rugged, versatile, well-engineered, lightweight, all-terrain gear carrier. It is perfect for a multitude of industies and uses. These include: Scuba diving, construction, moving/storage, medical, food and movie studios. The Advernture Cart can transport up to 300 pounds. but only weighs 24 pounds!


The cart is collapsible, rust resistant, offers a telescopic handle, custom-designed upper/lower supports with indentations for five tanks, gear bags or any transportable product.


Editor's Note: If there is one thing I hate about diving in California (aside from waking up super early to catch the dive boats) is the amount of equipment I have to schlep around. I have been toying with the idea of hiring a Sherpa for quite some time now, but the Smart Gear Adventure Cart solved my problem in a more humanitarian way. It is unbelievable, but I can have all my scuba equipment, dry suit, camera stuff, tank and weight transferred from my car to the beach in one take. It is super sturdy yet compact. I will never go beach diving without it again!

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt



The new Cobalt dive computer from Atomic Aquatics is the first of a new generation of dive computers that are easy to use, intuitive and easy to read.


The menu driven display is self-explanatory at every level and can be mastered in just a few minutes. This simplicity is in contrast to its powerful capabilities and the many advanced user functions available to those who wish to use them.


High pressure quick disconnect is standard On-board 3D digital compass Menu navigation Powerful dive planner allows pre-dive planning of almost any dive, including repetitive and multiple days.


Editor's Note: I love the fact that without reading the manual, I figured out on one dive how to operate this computer. Super user friendly. Also, I am in LOVE with the digital compass feature.


diversity necklace

DIVERSITY Sterling Silver Travel Necklace with various Charms

It is the Ultimate Scuba Traveler's Charm Necklace filled with memories. I picked up all parts throughout my adventures around the world. Each shark tooth is unique and I found it at the bottom of the ocean while diving or while walking at a beach.

Kyanite helps you to understand the true purpose of life. It aids in the release of frustration and stress and dispels confusion and false beliefs.

Carnelian gemstone is known as the self esteem gemstone because it is such a powerful motivator. It helps you to overcome the various parts of your personality that may be holding you back allowing you to step out into the world and claim your destiny.


Editor's Note: DIVERSITY: This colorful piece has double entendre. Wear it diving and think of all the places you can visit, but it also reminds you to the variety of people you will encounter during your every day life.


Ty Sawyer rocks Gogh Jewelry Design

Gogh Jewelry Design: NEVER GIVE UP Necklace


Ty Sawyer SCUBA Travel Writer and "Another Shade of Blue" TV Show Host rocks Gogh Jewelry Design NEVER GIVE UP Necklace while filming in Grand Cayman.


No longer just for military men, dog tags have become very popular as a necklace choice. Much more than just beautiful beach accessory, this inspirational jewelry is very meaningful. While other jewelry genres may be used just for fashion or fun, inspirational jewelry can also hold special meaning for the wearer.

This NEVER GIVE UP Necklace will keep you going through difficult times in life.


Editor's Note: Do you have a dream? Make it happen! Don't just dream about being on remote islands or to swim with sharks! I always loved this quote by Winston Churchill. These are great words for inspiration during these tying times.



Lavacore Essential Exposure Protection


The perfect multi-sport thermal garment when superior protection against wind chill is required. An ideal garment if your game involves high water contact. Perfect as an extra layer that is sometimes needed under a wetsuit or drysuit for added warmth.


Editor's Note: I took the undergarments  you sent with me to a dive trip last Wednesday and had a few of my girls try them out. EVERYBODY loved them. I particularly loved the fact that it is fuzzy and comfortable inside and water repellent outside.

Jessica is on the photo, who layered them as the day passed and she got


Scubapro Fins

Scubapro Jet Sport Full Foot Fins


SCUBAPRO's Jet Sport Full Foot Fins are lightweight and comfortable fins that are perfect for warm water diving. Three material construction optimizes flex and comfort. Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Graphite.


Editor's Note: Looking for a light weight, small but effective fin for your travels? This is it! Flexible, comfortable and great looking.


Thermalution Heated Undersuit

Thermalution Heated Undersuit


The Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit is the world’s first battery powered undersuit, designed to keep you toasty warm, even in the coldest conditions. Powered by two 7.4 volt Lithium Polymer batteries and worn under your wetsuit, drysuit, or even winter jacket, the Thermalution® will spoil you on a cold day. Whether you are in the water surfing, diving, kayaking, or kiteboarding or on dry land hunting, fishing, or snowboarding, this suit will change the way you feel about going out on a brisk winter day.


Editor's Note: When my dry suit went in for the annual service, at first I was really sad. But just in time before my next dive, I put my hands on the Heated Undersuit. It was love at the first sight or rather at first dive. The feeling of a warm spine and back while winter diving in California was surreal yet very pleasant. The three level of warmth adjustment is superb, as I normally get colder towards the end of the dives.


exceed wetsuit



Made with superelastic E-stretch neoprene designed for maximum fit and performance. You have to feel this suit to believe it.


Editor's Note: Love the fact that my wetsuit not only keep me warm, but serves as a beach accessory with the stylish tattoo-like design. I get complements on my unique thermal protection everywhere I dive. It is nice to express my personality underwater and on boats without wearing tangible jewelry.

atomic aquatics m1 regulatur in antarctica



The perfect combination of comfort, performance and style. The M1 is one of the best regulators on today's market for cold water diving.


Editor's Note: It was effortless to breath from the regulator even in the coldest waters of Antarctica. The M1 comes with an environmental seal that prevents free flowing in sub-freezing temperatures.

SEA & SEA U/W Housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark II

SEA & SEA U/W Housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark II


To the forefront of a digital world that affects the five senses. The new style of MDX series housings based on the premise of a professional level of photographic representation employs an aggressive design by integrating smooth curves and sharp edges.

Editor's Note: I used this housing during my recent trip to Asia and fell in love with it. My pictures came out amazing. Switching between photo and video is super easy. Heading to Antarctica to take under ice pictures.


your ziptag



Easily pick out your wetsuit out from everyone else's on your next dive or surf trip.  YourZipTags make that a snap. These stylish name tags also make it much easier to identify the others you may be diving or surfing with.  Made from the highest quality polypropylene webbing material, the YourZipTag can be embroidered in many colors. YourZipTag attaches simply by looping itself through the eye of the zipper pull.

Editor's Note: Cool new way to tell your wet suit apart from all your friends.



Design Salt Silk TravelSheet



The Silk TravelSheet™ by Design Salt is a lightweight sleep sack that lines your sleeping bag or bed. They feature a pillow pocket, reinforced gussets, double stitching and a side opening that can be secured with Velcro for ease of use. Each TravelSheet™ fits into a very small stuff sack, which makes them very easy to pack into any bag. Washing just your liner will protect your sleeping bag from excessive wear and tear. With the ease of washing, you can always sleep clean and comfortable.

Editor's Note: Perfect when travelling to places with hostels.


hello mellow



This "wild about" blend of cedarwood, benzoin, and vanilla seduces you into a mellow state of being no matter where you happen to be ... being.

This on the go kit includes travel approved sizes bundled in an airport-friendly reusable pouch. All the things you need to keep your skin oh so soft and your travels oh so mellow.

Kit includes:
avocado-mango lip butter - super soft lips no matter what the conditions
avocado-mango body butter – supple, smooth skin anywhere, anytime
avocado-mango butter body oil – indulge, you deserve it
energy shifting spray – feel at home wherever you go

Editor's Note: Love the travel size. It always comes with me, whether for the weekend or for a month long trip.


illuminare cosmetics

ILLUMINARE Fantastic Finish (Moisturizing) Foundation


"Dewy" Sunscreen Mineral Makeup - SPF 21

Get your glow back with this moisturizing formula. It provides a light to medium coverage to even skin tone and texture for a soft luminous finish. Helps to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin.  *May be set with a translucent face powder for a matte look. 100% oil-free. .5oz (15ml)


Editor's note: Get the "Sienna Sun" shade for those travelling a lot!


bellasole shoes



BellaSole Foldaway in Smoking Gun (Pewter). Our most popular color! These foldable ballet flats are the ultimate in style and comfort. Pull the trigger on this season's most versatile flats! Smoking Gun is the perfect combination of light and dark, wear these flats with any color in your wardrobe. Don't leave home without your BellaSole folding shoes. The perfect after party shoe for high heel pain relief. Each pair comes with it's own clutch-style wristlet.


Editor's Note: Perfect for LiveAboards! Bring style to the vessel without wasting space.



DERMALOGICA Clean Start Travel Kit


Combines what skin needs every day into easy to handle, grab-and-go gear. Includes Wash Off, All Over Clear, Ready, Set, Scrub!, Bedtime for Breakouts and Welcome Matte SPF15


Editor's Note: Perfect gift for teenage divers.


franko's map

Franko's Dive Maps: Hawaii Island Dive Map


A Franko map is a guidebook or a trip planner on one page. Franko Maps are colorful and bright. They are printed on durable waterproof synthetic paper using fade-resistant inks. The detail of every Franko Map incorporates a love and respect for each location, its natural environment and its history. Franko Maps provide a wealth of information including what to see and do, dive sites, surfing spots, trails, historical sites, scenery, cultural facts, activities and attractions.
Editor's Note: It is a great way to learn about places you plan to visit.


sola light and motion



Sola 600 compact imaging light. The Sola 600 stakes out a new category of lighting with its versatility. From compact cameras to DSLRs to video housings, the Sola 600 is the perfect companion for all of these underwater imaging platforms. The Sola packs a blistering 679 lumens of light for 75 minutes with a clean even beam pattern and delivers 225 lumens of red light for close-up work at night.


This compact imaging light will set a new standard for a powerful, easy-to-use light for both photographers and videographers.


sola light and motion



Light & Motion’s Sola Dive 1200 is one of the smallest, most powerful dive lights we’ve ever seen. The light offers a choice of spot or flood beams with three power settings. The Sola Dive 1200 comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that powers the light for 70 minutes on the highest setting. Depth-rated to 300 feet, the Sola Dive 1200 is a powerful dive light for local dives, and is sized right for traveling. It's also factory sealed, and requires no o-ring maintenance or additional battery purchases.





Pascal LECOCQ loves telling stories.The characters evolve in their natural but surrealistic environment in which the spectators dive: this achieves the magic. Be it a diver "bullfighting" a great white shark, a group of divers playing leapfrog, or basketball or even ballroom dancing we are amused but in the same time, we never doubt the dignity of the character portrayed. Pascal Lecocq "frogman" character quickly becomes as charming as, dare say, Charlie Chaplin "the little Tramp".

The work of Pascal Lecocq reflects his humor, poetry, dreams and imagination.


Editor's Note: I love the way he shows the underwater world as he sees it.


weezle boots



Cold feet are a major complaint of divers. Weezle boots use the same innovative materials as used in their undersuits.

Instead of having an undersuit sock that finishes at the ankle, they are extended up the leg to just below the knee. This removes that annoying cold spot between the end of the undersuit and the beginning of the sock. Ankle weight wearers will find that this also adds a layer of comfort not featured in other undersuits and long legged people will avoid having a cold gap.


Editor's Note: I spent 12 hours diving in ice cold water in Alaska filming a movie recently and my feet were toasty the whole time. Quite unusual feeling for me.


surface interval clothing



This signature design was inspired by the History Channel’s popular Deep Sea Detective co-host John Chatterton. The design incorporates over 30 years of Johns experience as a commercial diver. Based out of the New York area, the design sports a New York City manhole cover with two crossed hammers. Fixed in the center is a modern commercial dive helmet. Silver Foil highlights the helmets face plate and hammers. A distressed appliqué patch with the text “Surface Interval” is adorned across the back.


Editor's Note: I got one for my dive buddy and can not get him out of it. Great design, nice material. Very unordinary.


reusable heat pack



Heat Packs are an instant, portable thermal generating device. Take them anywhere because there is nothing to plug in or heat up. Just press a button for an instant hot pack.


Heat Packs are made of a soft, pliable, latex-free plastic that will heat to 130°F in 10-15 seconds. They are safe, nontoxic and environmentally friendly, using Sodium Acetate (food grade) and water. With the push of a button – NO electricity or batteries required – Heat Packs will generate heat that lasts for 30 to 90 minutes.


dive assure

Franko's Dive Maps: Avalon Fish Card


Included is an array of over four dozen Santa Catalina Island kelp forest creatures amongst a swirl of blue water and kelp.  The variety includes the California State fish, the Garibaldi, and many of the most commonly seen fish and invertebrates in and around Avalon Underwater Park.  There is a male and a female sheephead, a sleek blue shark, a beautiful leopard shark, several different rockfish and perch.  The fisherman’s favorites including white sea bass and yellowtail are shown.  The bat ray , and a beautiful giant sea bass, also known as the black sea bass are both visitors to the Avalon Underwater Park, and thus must be depicted.  Invertebrates include ochre seastars, strawberry anemones, a hiding spiny lobster, and the colorful Spanish shawl, which wears its frilly gills on it’s back.  There is even a bird - the sleek cormorant descending into the depths, hunting for prey, and out-swimming the fish.
Editor's Note: Use this slate whenever go to Catalina, so now I know what I see.


vapur water bottle



Refillable water bottles are a great way to help fight the global water and environmental crisis. But let's face it, carrying bulky water bottles around everyday can be a pain, especially when empty.


Vapur is quite simply the most portable refillable water bottle on the planet. And by making tap water more portable, Vapur hopes to make bottled water obsolete.

Unlike rigid water bottles, Vapur is completely collapsible. This means it goes more places and fits in tighter spaces than any other bottle. Whether you are hiking the trails, passing through airport security or visiting the museum with your family, Vapur makes water infinitely portable.


oceana dive shades



DIVE SHADES® are the original dive flag polarized sunglasses. Their watersports sunglasses are designed exclusively for the scuba diving enthusiast.

In every pair of diving sunglasses, they incorporate super scratch resistant lens. The lens is available in smoke gray or brown and offers exceptional visual clarity, impact-protection, superior scratch-resistance.


Editor's Note: I was super excited to find these sunglasses as an alternative to expensive designer shades I lost so many of on dive boats. They look stylish, sporty and provide the UV protection I need while jet-skiing, river rafting or on dive days.


phototag trunkfish



This colorful photo luggage tag is made from very durable hard white plastic that does not bend. The tag depicts a trunkfish on one side and can be customized with up to 5 lines of text on the back.


It is 4 inches round and is attached to your bag by a sturdy, brightly colored fabric handle.


The photo luggage tag makes a great addition to your dive bag, suitcase, golf bag, backpack, briefcase, duffle bag or active sports bags.


heated undersuit thermalution





This electrically powered undersuit designed to keep you warm underwater for around 1.5 to 3 hours(according to different battery model). Completely waterproof, the Thermalution will work under your wetsuit or drysuit while you pull off stunts and perform other activities underwater.


The Thermalution is slim and durable as it weighs a mere 700 grams allowing you to have maximum flexibility and agility underwater while being lightweight at the same time. With three level temperature control settings, you can adjust the temperature of the thermal layer within your wetsuit even underwater.


scubapro geo bcd



If you like to travel, our new SCUBAPRO Geo travel BC is ready to go with you.  The Geo is the ultimate answer to your dive traveling needs: light (only 4.2 lbs!), foldable, and reliable.


This is an adjustable single-air cell BC with a new ergonomic cut that provides more than just lightweight comfort.  The Geo is made of light and resistant material covered in polyurethane and radio frequency soldered for maximum wear.


New air-net ergonomic backpack is lightweight and soft.  With no rigid elements, this backpack can easily be folded and stored in your travel bag.  The exclusive TRAVEL/DIVE buckle keeps this BC exceptionally stored and folded.  Once the buckle is released, the BC easily unfolds and you are ready to dive.


dry case

DRY CASE Waterproof phone, camera and music player case


DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof case that allows complete use of your phone or camera while keeping it dry and clean. Completely submersible, stereo DryBUDS waterproof headphones for use with the DryCASE. These are a great addition to the DryCASE, they sound great even underwater! These can be used up to 3 meters or nearly 10 feet underwater.


Editor's Note: I use it all the time around water. It gets me motivated and pumped up to listen ACDC during my swim workouts yet relaxing and tranquille to chill to Morcheba between dives on a boat. Using the DryCASE elevated my fear of getting my iPhone wet. The DryCASE became my new best friend as I spend so much time in and around water.





The Cinch Quick-adjust provides rapid adjustment of the diving harness, allowing an unprecedented fit and easy equipment removal. The Infinity also features Halcyon’s new deluxe Harness Pads, providing the ultimate in diving comfort and convenience.


"I just got one a few days ago, and before actually diving it, I was very skeptical, but with the deluxe pads and the ability to adjust your single webbing harness with ease, it's probably the best thing I've seen for women divers in a long time," said Laura James.

Halcyon sent her a complementary pink spool as well ;)


pathfinder rebreather



It is the smaller sister to the Megalodon CCR from Innerspace Research.  The Pathfinder is basically designed with a smaller womens frame in mind. Laura James took it out diving last weekend and it was "So small and light and perfect, about 37lbs, but with a 200+ foot depth rating and 3+ hrs on the scrubber canister it's not limiting for the mid range tech diver or advanced recreational diver," said Laura.


The small Pathfinder system is used primarily with one oxygen cylinder mounted on the unit. The diluent cylinder is mounted as a stage bottle to supply diluent, wing and bailout. The Pathfinder may be operated off of two out board supplies only, if desired.





Fastencil, with its durable underwater paint and beautiful professional silkscreen look will let you protect, identify and label your gear.


You don't have to graffiti your stuff with felt tip markers or messy paint bottles. Fastencil is the revolutionary Do-It-Yourself ID kit for all your scuba gear. It will let YOU "Personalize" your stuff with perfect expert results. Fastencil takes just a couple minutes to set up and put a name on something.


It works on all your scuba gear such as: gear bags, BCD's, wet suits, masks, fins, snorkels, tanks, hoods, weight belts, backpacks, luggage and more.


waterproof 5mm crux gloves


This stylish glove features a glide skin interior and a long zipper for easy donning. Expanding wave flex over layer and a polyurethane embossed protection section in the palm.


Editor's Note:

Have you ever had a hard time putting on your gloves just before plunging in the water with all your gear already on, sweating? This glove will slide on your wet, dry or sweaty hands super easy!


sufiya salt scrub


This scrub contains some of nature's greatest ingredients to balance oily and blemished skin; turmeric, mustard, neem, sea salt, grapefruit essential oil and jojoba oil.  All that combined with natural citrus essential oils make for the perfect body scrub.


Editor's Note:

Do you feel sometimes after being on the sun all day that your skin is dry, hot and drenched? I did all the time until I started using this product for my evening shower after training in the pool or in the ocean. Scrubbing my body with this product in the shower replaces showering with normal body wash, using wash cloth and moisturizing. It does it all in one.


salt swim wear



This one-piece is sexy, classy and unique. It has beautiful T-back detailing with 2 gold rings falling on the upper back. The bottom has more coverage for those who do not want to bare it all.


Editor's Note:

Who said you have to wear the boring old-ladies one piece bathing suit on a dive boat? Check out these Vintage inspired one-piece bathing suits, two piece bikinis and resort wear for the stylish sporty and edgy divers.


sub series hair


This patent pending, three step protective hair care system seems to actually protect and restore hair before, during and after exposure to the drying and damaging effects of sun, water, salt, and chlorine.

The Protectant product conditions hair while submerged utilizing the latest break through in hair science. The Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo gently removes salt, chlorine and environmental impurities. The Reconstructor is a high performance conditioning treatment specifically designed to restore, and reconstruct a divers hair after submersion.

Editor's Note: This 3-Step SubSeries Kit for sun and ocean lovers proved to be a real asset at our latest video shoot during Miss Scuba's expedition in the Red Sea. My hair was easily manageable after our 4-5 dives a day, unlike any other time before.


oms dry suit gaitor


Gaiters provide dry suit divers with added safety preventing excess gas accumulating in the leg and foot area therefore minimizing the potential for inversion. This easy to adjust and comfortable dry suit accessory offers increased safety, and also reduced drag by limiting airflow to your feet.


Cordura construction coupled with super grip double Velcro Gator Closures make these OMS® Gaiters extremely rugged and functional. Wreck, Cave and technical divers will find these newly designed Gaiters a welcome accessory.


scubapro rash guard hybrid


Stylish UV-rated FlexTec shirts with added protection neoprene on torso, to be worn as under-layers or used as a rash guard when snorkeling or swimming. UV-rated FlexTec fabric on sleeves, sides, and collar allows optimum freedom to move and easy donning.

  • Hybrid T helps protect torso from abrasion, and offers superior UV protection.
  • 1mm fairskin chest / back panels - quick drying to prevent evaporative heat loss.


Editor's Note: I do not leave town without it. Either use it as an additional layer in colder waters or as the only cover while diving in the tropics.




The Electronic Rescue and Location System, (enos) is an innovative safety feature and a must-have for adventure divers and seafarers. The system allows for an immediate and effective response to water-related incidents, thus ensuring your safety at sea.

Enos is fully self-supportive and works by combining two reliable modes of communication: GPS-navigation and Radio transmission.


seashell camera case


It is a good item to assist any water sport person. It is not only convenient  to configure, but compatible with over 360 camera models, also can up to 40 meter.


This single camera case is compatible with 70% of digital cameras of the market. Available in seven colors.



We all know that providing emergency oxygen is the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers -since it provides vital oxygen to starved tissues and aids bubble reduction. It is well documented fact in diving accident management that early oxygen administration may be the most significant factor contributing to success in treating diving injuries.

The RescuEAN Pod was not developed to replace the oxygen kit, but it has proved to be a very effective back-up. It is now possible to offer any available mix of Nitrox to an unresponsive or responsive diver; it is slightly smaller than a 330ml drink can.


bladefish dpv


The coolest new sea scooter at an affordable price! The Bladefish 3000 is a compact, powerful, lightweight DPV that's fun in the water and no hassle to transport.


The Bladefish 3000, with up to 40 minutes of battery life, is suitable for use in depths of up to 98 ft. weighs in at a mere 10 lb. Fast: Hi-tech Lithium-Ion batteries, high performance motor, and a hydrodynamic design produce superb speed.


Powerful: Rapid propeller and sculpted nozzle produce maximum thrust. Agile: Ergonomic handles and dual triggers. Easy change of direction. Compact: Unique innovative design minimizes size and maximizes portability.


navimate gps


The accuracy and convenience of GPS is finally available for recreational and technical divers in a small, wrist-mounted unit.


See your exact latitude and longitude while underwater, mark interesting locations and return to the exact spot on future dives. Compass display shows current heading as well as direction back to boat or buoy, shows position of your dive buddies when they have Navimate™. Requires only small transmitter hung from boat or buoy.


zeagle ranger jr bcd


The Ranger Jr gives parents the choice of a quality BC made specifically for children. Using the same rugged contruction as the legendary Ranger BC, the Ranger Jr utilizes our Personal Fit System to let you change out specific sections of the BC so it can grow right along with your child. The waist panel of the Ranger Jr can be adjusted out to add several inches of growth room in the waist area.


Editor's Note: This BC not only fits juniors well, but women. For almost half the price of the regular style Ranger, woman can get the same, just smaller version of the same BC.


dive assure


DiveAssure is an International Association specializing in Insurance and Assistance services for divers, worldwide. DiveAssure is perfect for diving trips! The DIAMOND plan includes medical insurance and travel insurance - all in one. The Diamond plan offers annual comprehensive medical coverage for diving and non-diving accidents. The Diamond plan also offers an option for single-trip or multi-trip coverage that includes trip cancellation/interruption according to the diver's customized needs. They are the only diving insurance that works as a primary insurer and the insurance is accepted at every decompression chamber in the world.


iq logbook keeper


Dive girls' most precious treasure... her memories safely stored. The iQ-logbooks come in fresh colors!


Editor's Note: This company has uber cool and super cute dive accessories. If I could... I would have them all. It makes a great present to your dive girl friend!


waterproof w1 wetsuit


Waterproof products feature cutting-edge designs and thermal protection technology combined with the highest quality neoprene materials and craftsmanship. The line offers 30 female sizes for an off-the-rack custom fit.


The W1 wetsuit is a 3D sculpted suit with gender specific design, has pre formed arms and legs for maximum fit and a Spine Pad which provides fantastic protection to the spine and kidney areas. WaterDam. A unique concept to prevent water pouring down neck and spine when the head is moved.


Editor's Note: It even has a built-in compass on its arm! Zippers on arms and legs help a lot putting the suit on and taking it off.


aqualung zuma travel bc



Here’s the BC that you have been waiting for.


The fun, travel-friendly ZUMA will find favor with those divers who are tired of paying excess baggage fees. This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back inflation BC has everything you need, yet lacks weight and bulk.


Once you lift it, you’ll feel for yourself that a size ML/LG weighs less than 2 kg (4.4 lbs), with the airway and weight pockets included!


Editor's Note: It feels like a backpack!


sanuk picnin beach shoes



Where relaxation meets relaxation in a town called Relaxation.


Today, Sanuk strives to make products that are as much about funk as they are about function. They’ve found their sandals are happiest when they tread the road less traveled – so they design ‘em accordingly.

Because “Sanük” is the Thai word for happiness and balance, their name is also their mantra.


xcel ventx bamboo top



XCel's new Bamboo Ventx material is a revolutionary fabric that not only protects your skin - it protects the environment too.


Bamboo charcoal-infused yarns combined with recycled polyester 4-way stretch for performance, Moisture-wicking for comfort during active sports on hot days - no clammy damp t-shirt.


Lightweight, breathable loose fit is cool and adaptable
UV30+ protection against the sun's harmful rays


Editor's Note: This quick-dry fabric was ideal for outdoors activities in warm weater (hiking, and between dives on my recent trip to the Channel Islands in California.)


hotsuits wetsuit heater



It turns any wetsuit into a Heated Wetsuit. You can activate it anytime and will stay warm in water for up to one hour.


It works with re-usable chemical heat packs, just press the button to activate.

Compatible with any brand wetsuit. One size fits all from 26 inch to 56 inch waist.


xs scuba dry bag



Keep it dry, keep it simple! This bag will keep your clothing dry in a wet environment. Totally dry with dry zipper along top.


It has a small side dry compartment for phone, cash...


Editor's Note: I use this bag when I do not want my car wet. I also use it to rinse my gear. Fill the bag up with water, put some wetsuit shampoo in, shake it and my gear is clean without the mess.


hollis elite backplate



Tech/Rec is at its best with the Elite 2 Harness. The Elite 2 Harness System offers you all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for.


Adjustable shoulder straps w/ quick release buckles provide easier donning and doffing of equipment.


ocean blue float



Lately, the news of Divers being accidentally hit by boats has been too common. Many floats on the market are hard to see from a distance on a bright sunny day.


The DiveBud float uses a super bright LED Beacon visible even during daylight to draw a boater's eye to the diver down flag.


The large vertical hanging dive flag with weighted bottom won't "flop" over like flimsy flags on other dive floats. It has a big 23" PVC buoy surface with stainless steel eyebolts to connect dive bags for plenty of storage. The beacon and flag assembly detach from the float base in seconds for easy transport.


ots guardian full face mask



A common problem with most FFM, is the seal. The lack of a good seal causes the diver to use air quicker and can interfere with the divers ability to hear if using underwater communications. The Guardian was designed with a double seal, allowing for the comfort of both small and large faces.


Equalizing system which helps fit virtually all noses.

Variety of Colors are offered.


Editor's Note: I used it for over 30 dives, including cave and stunt dives and it proved to fit nicely, gave good visibility and was easy to use.


neptunic sharksuit



A sharksuit is a body-cover suit made of chainmail worn by scuba divers to protect against shark bite.


It is constructed of extremely tightly-woven steel rings covering a standard neoprene wetsuit. A shark bite will not be able to penetrate the rings, because the jaws will be shutting too slowly and the shark's muscles will not be able to cut the metal.


Editor's Note: I used one of these while shark diving in Grand Bahama and it prooved comfortable and protective. Once in the water, I did not even feel that an extra layer was over my wetsuit.


immersion dive watch



Finally, a chick, yet functional dive watch!


The line blends the performance expected of a diving watch with fashion and styling to deliver a sporty elegance for the wearer. Beautiful watches that symbolizes the wearers affiliation and passion for the world of diving.


Leather strap with stainless steel bucale plus scuba strap included. It comes in seven different color.


custom wetsuit jmj



Can not find a wetsuit that fits you well?

For girls, finding a perfect fitting wet suit, can be quite challenging.


JMJ Manufacture, Inc. has been making neoprene wetsuits for surfing , diving and other watersports for over thirty years. With an unsurpassed combination of knowledge, experience, and craftsmanship, they will custom make a wetsuit to your exact specifications.


atomic split fin



Like every product they make, their innovative design re-thinks the old and improves upon the concept.


With the slightest kick, the split blade deflects to form a pair of wings that slice through the water with reduced drag. It takes less effort to swim with these fins compared to conventional fins.


Atomic just introduced new chick colors to their popular split fins: purple, pink and turqouise blue. __________________________________________________________________

aqua pencil



Frustrated with water logged and broken wooden pencils? Want to take notes, make sketches, communicate with your dive buddy in the water? The Aqua Pencil is your answer. Designed by SCUBA divers who believe golf pencils need to stay on the greens. The Aqua Pencil will not rust, swell, nor fail to write. It has replaceable lead and a cool shape too.


The Aqua Pencil is great for the average diver, dive instructor, technical diver, researcher, boater, or anyone in or near the water who wants to take notes.




eDiving is a SCUBA diving simulator that brings you the virtual underwater world


With eDiving You can practice scuba diving online, virtually explore real marine locations, share your underwater stories, images and videos, plan your next underwater explorations. It is FREE and everyone can join.

chammyz pullover



The original Chammyz product was designed to be the ultimate after water sports, beach, outdoors and lifestyle pullover.


Chammyz is manufactured from fibers,which allow your body to breathe. The fabric dries quickly, keeps you dry. The fabric is 100% all natural and environmentally friendly by utilizing wood fiber waste. Wood fibers act as a natural insulator so you get the warmth without all the layers. They are as comfortable in warm weather as they are in cool. UVA and UVB-government rating of 50+

dive caddy



This tri-fold design bag redeifines dive bags as a whole. The Travel Bag efficiently protects and compresses your dive gear. It utilizes the gear you put in the bag and eliminates the typical bag stiffeners and padding.


The bag is designed to be used in several configurations, including "Warm Water" and "Cold Water" or for taking all the clothes. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT WORKS

mini napkin



This environmentally friendly compressed napkin is perfect for those traveling light-weight. It is for all skin types: NO preservatives, NO anti-bacteria-solution, NO alcohol.


It is biodegradable, 100% natural.


All you need to do is wet, unfold, and is ready to use. A 2" MiniNapkin will open up to be a 12 x 18 inch (30 x 45 cm) towel.

premier hand cream



This scientifically formulated Hand Cream prevents roughness & cracking while nourishing & protecting your hands & nails. This cream is made of Dead Sea Minerals mud & water, and essential oils.


Editor's Note: The results are unprecedented and long lasting. After being on the sun and in the water all day, I put the cream on my hands and they instantaneously become silky and smooth.

scuba tubesocks



ScubaTubeSocks makes getting your wetsuit on a bit easier and if you want to be popular on a dive boat, take some to share! ScubaTubeSocks™ promote HappyFeet and coordinate easily to colorfully identify your gear.


Not necessarily for the warmth but for ease in performing the WetsuitDance and unifying rebel toes into a sleek unit that glides into your wetsuit, booties and/or fins. Helps avert and ease blisters from double–duty diving in full foot fins or booties.

dicapac waterproof case



Waterproof to 3m (10 feet). Bellows lens systems from 5cm (2") to 15 cm (6") allows case to be used with any sir lens. Most DSLR cameras will fit this case.


It has a built in sleeve for easy to button control. The lens features clear filming using UV coating polycarbonate lens.


Editor's Note: It is the perfect solution for shooting pool or surface events such as surfing, triathlon without having to carry your heavy and expensive underwater housing.

no logo brand



Super-slimming, this comfortable one-piece suit features flat seams, stay-put straps, and a supportive shelf bra. Modest and attractive, what more could you ask for?!


This dive wear is made of a durable polypropylene/lycra blend made comfortable by its 4-way stretch qualities -up to 125% in each direction! This fabric dries quickly, keeps you warm, is sun & chlorine fade resistant, anti-bacterial, and odor resistant.




Made of 1 mm medium density neoprene with .5 mm nylon foam finger inserts and with strips of a highly abrasion resistant rubber material. It provides a grip you need to grab an anchor line, ladder or anything else.


I find these warm water gloves to be one of the most comfortable and easy to use gloves one can find anywhere.

arctic socks



Using a combination of fast wicking, high insulation fabrics, the Xerotherm Arctic creates a micro climate around the wearer, keeping the body dry and warm.


A high density inner fleece provides superior insulation, with maximum comfort and wicking, whilst the outer layer, which has a water repellant finish, ensures a snug fit.


Editor's Note: It is the most comfortable socks I have ever put my feet in. It is available S-XL.




What if you’re taking the trip of a lifetime or just away for a long weekend and the unexpected happens - a medical emergency. It could happen at anytime, anywhere in the world. The best way to prepare for this is to carry your medical information with you all the time.


This stylish thumb-drive stores your medical history, your doctor's and emergency contact information as well as your medications, immunizations, allergies and insurance information.

Editor's Note: I carry it on my keychain even when I am at home.




This waterproof sport case is perfect for holding ID, driver license, credit cards, money, keys etc. that you do not want to leave on the beach while you are diving.


It has two really cool feature: Breakaway Clip for emergency release on the lanyard and Anodized Aluminum Carabiner for clipping to your bag or BC.




This thermal head protection, similar to a doo-rag is made from neoprene and is form fitted with a specially designed grip zone to stay put. Stay warm, be comfortable and look cool when wearing the SCAP.

The SCAP is currently available in ten solid colors, and in green, blue and pink camouflage.

jet fin



Jet Fins have a long and celebrated history of performance. They set the standard for power and durability in 1965, and are still immensely popular.


Editor's Note: My favorite feature of the Jet Fins is that it keeps my feet down when diving in a dry suit. Instead of using ankle-weights, I just use these heavy fins. __________________________________________________________________

beach buddy



You can now take all your gear in one trip without ever having to carry any of your equipment.

Put your tank in Beach Buddy at your starting place, attach all your gear, then easily roll it across pavement, rocks, sand, all the way into the water!


Pop off the quick release wheels, put them in the retractable bag, and you are ready to dive!




This unique hanger holds dive gloves, hood, booties and fins. It allows proper drying and keeps them off the floor to prevent damage. It is small enough to pack it in your dive bag and comes very handy when drying gear on a boat, in a resort or at home.




Have you recently been certified to scuba dive and aren't quite sure what in the world you're looking at? Maybe you are diving for a while, yet not considering yourself to be a marine biologist...


This completely water proof and tear resistant book shows the pictures, the common and Latin names of the creatures you are looking at, the location as well as time to find the species. The facts include tips on how to observe the interesting behaviors, points for conservation, as well as tips on how to "get the shot" -if you are a photographer.




Diversitea provides herbal tea and other products for the health conscious diver along with great support - a combination that can't be beat! Nutritional Scientists have found that Red Clover contains a trace mineral that plays an important role in discharging nitrogen from our bodies.


Every product Diversitea sells has been tested by divers  and is offered with our assurance that you will feel better for using it.

jellyfish squish



All those enjoy saltwater activities risk being stung by a jellyfish. Their string has been described as a painful burn that lasts three to five hours, or more, than leaves itching and red welts for days.


Unless you feel experimenting with vinegar or pee on your sting to lessen the pain, use Jellyfish Squish! It is available in a bottle or in a pen-size tube.




The Camaro swimsuits / wetsuits are at the forefront of swim wear and wetsuit design in Europe and are renowned for producing a range of excellent quality water sports products.


This is a terrific suit! You can use it when you swim in a cold pool, and also when diving somewhere warm.

The design screams ''beach-babe" ! it is always nice to see something out of the ordinary.




This bag fits the bill for the light travelers out there! Sized to meet the maximum carry-on restriction, but will accommodate lots of gear.


If you require additional space, the bag expands 2” and gives you an additional 415 cu. inches. The unique curved handle makes heavy loads appear light and they make it easier on your back! Heavy-duty rollerblade wheels and good looks round out this practical item.



When Walden Kayaks originally introduced Waldies in 2001, a completely new type of shoe was born. People everywhere loved the colorful comfort and functionality that Waldies provided at such an affordable price.

Made exclusively from our proprietary non-slip and antimicrobial ComfoTek foam, Waldies provide the adventurer with the comfort, stability, and security they demand.




  • Size and intensity make it an instant love affair. It is a perfect "back-up" or daytime light. It produces stronger beam than most "main" lights and it fits in your BC pocket.
  • This special halogen lamp provides almost 1.5 hour burn time.




The TrueWest parkas offer the highest quality materials and workmanship in the industry. All TruWest parkas are made in the USA. They come in several different colors, regular length and shorter (as seen on picture).


This jacket always comes handy. You can change under it, the wind does not blow through it and it can be used as a blanket while napping on a boat.

waterproof ipod



Amphibx provides a fully integrated, wearable, water sports music solution. Its unique shape and specialized materials have been designed to comfortably grip your arm while you're dropping in, cutting back or wiping out.


Provides a 100% watertight and secure seal up to 12ft/3.6m underwater.

The adjustable strap fits practically any arm size.

atomic mask



If you are a diver who values comfort, field of vision, and fit, then look no further than Atomic Aquatics' frameless mask. This mask's large lens gives you the greatest field of vision available - up, down, side-to-side, and forward. The straps quickly and easily connect behind the lens for an incredibly streamlined fit.


It comes in two sizes: Standard and Medium. The Medium Fit Frameless was designed for slightly narrower faces -most all girls have narrower faces!

dan bag



It’s made of PVC and tarpaulin for durable construction, and the material combines with the roll-down closure and waterproof seams to keep out water and environmental elements.


A roomy 16”x22”x7” size allows you to take anything you need with you, while an easy-access outer pocket keeps your smaller items from getting lost. An exterior hook makes it easy to attach the dry bag to other items.




More and more divers were choosing to enter the water without a snorkel because the size, unwieldiness and poor performance just wasn’t worth the hassle.


The new Atomic Aquatics SV Series truly redefines how a snorkel works and helps divers extend their adventure. (Editor's Note: my favorite feature of the SV2 is the small, comfortable mouth piece)




This Uber Cool computer is the world's first dive computer to integrate a digital compass and wireless tank data reception.


Suunto D9's digital compass shows the general direction with a graphical compass rose, as well as the exact bearing with a numerical display.


The beautifully designed Suunto D9 has a titanium housing making it a light weight computer.

water bottle



This stylish water bottle Fit for the Princess, Yoga student, Dive Diva or goddess on your gift list.


This bottle expresses your originality and let you enjoy the functionality and quality of Swiss design.


It holds 1.0 L water or electrolite that should keep you hydrated for your dive day!




The convenient bag is one you get at the store (paper or plastic), it is bad for the environment and/or creates waste. The Inconvenient Bag is the bag you bring to the store (or to the dive boat), but its worth the hassle to help save our world.


The bags are biodegradable cotton canvas and all inks and dyes are environmentally correct (and non-toxic). The entire bag is eco-safe. It is not only environmental friendly, but chick as well.

tusa bc


The Selene Wing is an integrated, lightweight, rear-inflation jacket that is ideally suited for all types of diving.


It is an excellent choice for travel, warm water diving or for diver’s wishing maximum comfort and support with minimal weight.


Incorporation of an enhanced lumbar support system and back pad, color accents and a rolled neoprene neckline make the BCJ-6910 the choice for the female diver.

bio seal



Ever suffered of an irritated skin after diving in your dry suit?


This awesome product can reduce and in most cases eliminate water leakage in the neck area while allowing a more comfortable fit. The seal does not contain latex which helps those who are allergic or prone to neck rash.


Not only divers, but surfers and other water sport enthusiasts will also find this a useful addition to their equipment.



The Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera Mask allows swimmers to record digital underwater photos and video hands free.


The benefits include a hands free experience for easier and safer swimming. Other underwater cameras require the user to hold the digital camera while swimming to photograph their underwater adventures.



For use as a thermal layer and/or UV and rash protection (S.P.F. 50)


It has a great cut for female divers/surfers. The colors are vibrant and feminine yet hip.


Can be worn by itself in warm water to avoid jellyfish sting.

tusa fin


This fin empowers you to make quick moves when you need to.


The performance of this fin is halfway between an old-school Scubapro Jet fin and a freediving fin.

Incredibly stiff urethane side rails and ultra-responsive membrane blade combine to give unlimited kicking potential.



Right now it is the smallest and lightest weight regulator on the market.


This mini regulator doesn't sacrifice quality for size.


The braided hose provides flexibility while the small mouthpiece offers comfort.

tusa knife


This knife is a compact, light weight knife that can be attached to the BC hose or to the gauge hose for easy access. It comes with a blunt or a pointy end.


Sheet locking knob helps you preventing loosing it while diving or while transporting.


Its size makes it convenient for girls to use this knife.

dive box


The Dive Box is an all-in-one solution carrying case for your gear. It has a large compartment that can easily fit a full set of SCUBA gear, including a weight belt or soft weights. The Dive Box has wheels and a retractable handle for transporting.


It makes it possible for girls to carry all their gear to the dive boat in one round.



These stylish name tags also make it much easier to identify the others you may be diving with underwater. You know how hard it can be to tell divers apart down there! Made from the highest quality polypropelyne webbing material, the BC name tag can be embroidered in many colors.


You can even add a second line like - "Instructor" or"Divemaster". Diveshops could add a simple logo (extra one-time setup charge). BC Name Tag attaches simply by looping around the main BC straps and fastens to itself with velcro tabs. It comes in Blue or Black and can be embroidered in a variety of neon colors including yellow, green, pink, and white.




This is a non-comedogenic, PABA, non-greasy, oil and fragrance-free sun block. It moisturizes the skin, permits no tanning. This product offers excellent protection from sun acting immediately as a physical barrier that repels the sun’s harmful UVA / UVB, and photo damage which causes premature aging.




This back flotation BC is thoughtfully designed for woman to enhance the female diver's experience. Back flotation technology provides exceptional freedom of movement around chest and shoulders.


This is not one of those guys hand down BCs in a smaller size... It fits perfect. Rotating and adjustable Quick Release shoulder starps improve fit by following the dive girls' movements.


The Ladyhawk is light weight, therefore easy to travel with.




This all aluminum tow behind diver propulsion vehicle (underwater scooter) comes with many

major advantages over similar designs. For example it is 1/3 of the weight (super lightweight)

of the average technical or cave diving scuba scooter and it is the most powerful (reportedly)

of it's class.

"They are also taking into account women's smaller hands," said avid user Laura James, Washington.

Excellent for Recreational, technical, wreck, cave, commercial, police, SAR, CSI & special needs divers alike.





Most girls get cold even in a Jacuzzi, therefore not to eager to dive in colder waters. Diving in a dry suit makes all the difference in the world.


The CLX 450 is a lighter weight, yet durable enough for wreck and cave diving as well.


Color choices include orange, pink and more.

she pee



Thanks to better dry suits and cylinder configurations, people are spending more time underwater, and if you keep drinking plenty of liquids, there will come a time when nature calls. The She-P makes it possible for female (technical) divers to comfortably use a P-valve while diving in a dry suit instead of using diapers. The She-P is a soft latex device featuring a reservoir with ‘output’ tube, that has flexible ‘wings’ that are designed to be adhered to the skin with a medical adhesive intended for use with prosthetic devices. This results in a proper seal and comfortable urinating.


PROTON 42 Metal She Dives


A power regulator for passionate women. The smallest and most lightweight metal regulator worldwide completes the successful “She Dives” product line.


Mares assembled an international team of women divers/designers to create a collection of products that are both better to dive with and beautiful to look at. SHE DIVES allows women to

dive more comfortably and more fashionably.




With this weight belt you don't have to worry about purple toenails, in case dropping it on your foot. Also, it will not give you bruises on your waist or hips either, like led weights do.

Comfortable to wear and easy to drop in emergency.




The greatest difficulty in properly sizing a woman's Buoyancy System is not finding a smaller size, or allowing for the bust, but lies in the fact that women's bodies have a defined waist where a waistband must fasten in order to secure the BC.


This BC is many female divers' favorite.





Transparent Funky fins feature lively graphics that appear to float freely in the water on the end of the wearer’s foot.


Very colorful, very cute, very different from the guys' black fins...




The perfect combination of comfort, performance and style. The B2 is one of the most comfortable regulators on today's market with its built in swivel.


It is very effortless to breath from the regulator, it comes factory Nitrox friendly (up to 40%). The second stage is made out of titanium, making it feather light.

tusa fin



A radical new approach to diver propulsion. With the slightest kick, the split blade deflects to form a pair of wings that slice through the water with reduced drag, creating lift in the forward direction to propel you ahead.


These fins come in red as well! They look hot.

Smaller than other split fins on the market.




This bag combines everything a traveling diver will ever need. Enormous capacity, ultra-organized with multiple pockets inside, backpack straps, roller blade wheels, aircraft quality aluminum frame, all wrapped in 1050 Denier Tru-Ballistics Cloth.


It has two huge, separately accessible parts. One can be used to store your dive gear and the other for your cloths. It can be opened up to be one.


This bag is perfect if you don't want your gear to scream: "I am a diver!"



The ultimate dive companion. Compact, rugged, easy to-use-the ReefMaster Mini will accompany you on any dive or adventure you have in mind.

The Sea mode color booster corrects for the underwater blue color effect. The rubber armored, shockproof body is depth tested to 130 ft/40m and drop tested to 6ft/2m. This is one truly ruggedized camera ready to withstand the most punishing environments and care. Almost unbreakable.




You can wear this watch for diving, for work or even going out.


Don't be deceived by its small size -- this small format PDC powerhouse delivers all the bells and whistles you can imagine at the touch of a button. Air, Nitrox, Freedive... it has it all.


Perfect for traveling as you can set two time zones on one display.




This stretchy 3mm wetsuit is the best choice for warmer waters.


The ExtureSkin Thermospan barrier on front and back making for a flexible, light weight and warm dive (or surf) wetsuit.


Sizes are 4-14 (dress size 0-16), but the really cool thing is that most sizes come in short and long as well, as regular.




No longer must cold water divers choose between a comfortable, stretchy suit and a warm, durable suit! The revolutionary Merino-Elastiprene 7 gives you both!


The Merino-Elastiprene 7 is more comfortable than even many 3mm suits, yet is probably warmer than any 7mm suit that you've ever worn.


This wetsuit is a wise investment by any cold water diver. Like all Pinnacle products, it is built to last. This suit really is comfortable, and easy to put it on even when it is wet!




If you are a diver and you don't already have DIVE INSURANCE, make sure to sign up now! It is just as important to carry dive insurance as to any other dive gear, if not more...


shaffali travel ritual



Shaffali's complete face and body collection in six conveniently sized jars and packaged in a resuable waterproof bag. A perfect travel companion or gift for your inner and outer voyages.



Editor's Note: This small pack has everything you need to keep your face and body polished and pampered while on your next journey.