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PADI Course Director and Travel Agent in Los Angeles



szilvia gogh


I am a Hungarian citizen, currently residing in California. I started scuba diving when I was 13 years old (decades ago), as a member of a dive club in, in Budapest, Hungary. I spent my summer holidays camping and training by the lakes around Europe. In 2003 I became a PADI Course Director. I am proud to be the first Hungarian female achieving such recognition, but I am even more proud to be the youngest female world-wide ever excepted to become a CD. I love to travel off the beaten path to expose myself to anything new and unusual, as I believe this is how I learn more about local culture and people. You can see some of my pictures at and the travel, yoga and ocean inspired jewelry I create at

Dive buddy in Hungary

csilla gogh


I am a Hungarian journalist. I value "quiet time" as it is quite rare, especially in my job. These days people couldn't even drink a cup of coffee without interuption. Either friends, work, family, partners calling or bugging with something to do. When I dive, I finally get to enjoy the peace and quiet. The world around me slows down, and nobody gets hold of me... My favorite spot is Malta. The"ugly duckly" seems desertish atop with its cliffs and cactuses, but it is beautiful and full of variety bellow the surface. Wrecks, caves, cliffs. The only problem is that fish seem to left for warmer waters...

Dive buddy in Los Angeles

COLLEEN goodwin


Some people travel because they love to SCUBA.  I  SCUBA because I love to travel.  Don’t get me wrong, diving is exciting, but I want warm water, perfect visibility, and no hassles.  I can do one or two dives on a 5 day dive trip, and be perfectly happy. I enjoy meeting people and seeing the sameness in people and the differences in our cultures, (as long as I have a clean room with a shower).  I find it exciting seeing different historical sites.  Standing in a structure that was built before the birth of Christ gives me goose bumps.

Divemaster in Montreal/

florence goletti


 I was born in Marseilles, France, just on the mediterranean sea side. I've almays had an attraction for the sea and I spent all my time in water (windsurfing, boat, snorkling...).
Then I went to Canada (Montréal) to enter a business school. There I started diving courses at university and discovered the extreme pleasure of diving. I passed all my exams to become a PADI DIVE MASTER last summer in France (Marseilles). Now I'm in Mexico for 6 months for an exhange and my currency is "visiting the country threw water". I'd like to dedicate my knowledge in Business (Marketing) and languages to my passion: Scuba Diving. Organise events, trips... to expend and share this passion.

Dive buddy in Holland

heleen graauw


I live in the Netherlands and try to be as much as possible in France,
Germany, Mexico and other beautiful countries. I started diving in 2005
and after Padi Rescue I found my ‘way of life’ with GUE. I really like
cavediving and diving in mines. Every weekend we make our trainings dives
with a group of friends. Making underwater videos is also a big hobby
and you can see them on
As the inventor of the She-P pee valve catether for women:

Dive buddy in Los Angeles

LAURAH grijalva


It could not be any short story that describes all the reasons scuba diving and travel are so important  in my life. I began scuba diving in 2002. My only regret is that I did not began sooner.  Scuba brought me the ultimate combination of spiritual and scientific adventure. The ocean commands my respect and humility at every turn.

Dive buuddy in Los Angeles, Aquarium volunteer

susy horowitz


I was born and raised in the Valley (it is an LA thing). I started diving in 1982 and am now a PADI Master Scuba Diver and an AAUS Scientific Diver.  I love to dive no matter what form it takes.  I have been diving all over  the world but my current goal is to dive in all 50 states.  My main interest is in scientific and research diving. As well as being a volunteer  diver at the Aquarium of the Pacific I have also dove for the Catalina Conservency and the California Coastkeeper Alliance.  I am president of  the Douglas Dive Club of Long Beach and spend a good part of my time keeping those rough, tough not-so-macho guys in line!   I guess you can call me a divaholic.

Scuba and freediving instructor in Dubai

sara-lisa haith


I reside in the United Arab Emirates and enjoy the lifestyle provided by the fantastic, fast-moving and spectacular Dubai. I have a lot of passion for the sea, marine life, and both scuba and freediving. I worked as a full-time instructor in Maldives and the Cayman Islands and now teach part-time in the UAE.
I created Divas in Dubai to bring more women in the UAE into the diving world. The predominantly male diving environment in the UAE may usher some women away, due to cultural or personal reasons. Divas in Dubai encourages women to participate in diving offering them women-only groups of training and the opportunity to have their share of enjoyment of the fantastic underwater realm.


Cave Diving,

Closed Circuit



in Florida

jill heinerth


Born in Canada, live with my husband in north Florida, where I start most days with a refreshing swim in the clear water of my local spring. I am an explorer. Consistently searching for what lies just beyond view. My curiosity and photographic skills give us a tantalizing peek at a breathtaking world few will ever experience. Some of my numerous professional diving, photographic and filmmaking awards:
Sport Diving Magazine: Named A Living Legend, Women Diver's Hall of Fame: Inaugural Inductee, Explorer's Club Film Festival: Top Honors, Canadian Technical Diver of the Year, Cine Golden Eagle, Gold Aurora Award, Fellow: National Speleological Society, International HD Film Fest: Top Honors

Dive Instructor in Seattle, WA

LAURA james


I am about so many things, hard to summerize: diving, educational/environmental documentary videography, climbing (rock, ice mountain), sailing, bike racing, fly tying, being a good doggy mommy, computer goofing off, gardening, running, triathlon’ing, working out, cooking, photography, reading... Other than outdoor activities, my other primary interests/dream is Overseas health care in Africa and other developing countries.  Hoping to head back to Kijabe, Kenya to work with the Cripple Children Center in the fall.

Divemaster in Los Angeles

lisa jover


As a young girl from England, I always wanted to travel. My parents were entertainers in Europe. They didn’t cross paths until they met in South Africa at the age of 39. They filled my head with stories of traveling to fantastic locations. My own travel bug had to be put on hold when I married at 19 and found myself raising three boys. Now they are grown ups and I can begin my dream of traveling the world.  I am glad I waited until now.  I am in my forties; I have more sense, maturity and the means to get where I want to go. Scuba diving has opened ever more opportunities for travel.  In the past couple of years I have discovered that I am now addicted to going anywhere I haven’t been yet.