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Contact: Szilvia Gogh

MISS-SCUBA.com Invites You to Share the Success: Sell Miss Scuba Clothing and Sterling Silver Scuba Jewelry

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MISS-SCUBA.com is now accepting retail outlet distributor inquiries.

MISS-SCUBA is the first company to address the untapped market of hip and stylish female divers who want aquatic based styles they can wear both on and off the boat.

The current ladies' favorites: The unisex "DIVErsity" and "Girls Gone Diving" Boyfriend Tank as well as the fun "Property of Miss SCUBA" shirt for men are available in this summer's favorite colors. Another posh design is the chic HIRO Designer Sweater. These unique designs are currently showcased by prominent international divers including Actors, Stunt Divers, Marines, Firefighters, Photographers, Directors, Shark and Dolphin Trainers, Researchers, Environmentalists, Captains, Instructors and Search & Rescue Teams. The list of divers choosing MISS-SCUBA apparel and accessories could go on forever.

The highly popular MISS-SCUBA Jewelry Collections are lovingly designed and carefully hand-crafted by gifted artisan and owner Szilvia Gogh, and features fine sterling silver adornments in various Ocean, Zen and Gem themes. Gogh's designs celebrate nature and empower the individual. Her extensive diving experience as a PADI Course Director is melded with her studies at the prestigious Budapest Art Institute. This union has enabled her to create a rare clothing line women love to wear anytime and a beautiful jewelry line that weaves nature's tranquility and style with a subtle European flavor.

At this year's Long Beach SCUBA Show's two day event the MISS-SCUBA jewelry inventory sold out. "MISS-SCUBA's designs are unique, and selling out is a great problem to have," says Szilvia. "I'm excited the Miss-Scuba philosophy is catching on like wild fire with women around the world".

The MISS-SCUBA brand is backed by the burgeoning Miss-Scuba.com website and social network, and with exclusive travel packages, igniting brisk sales worldwide including Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary, UK, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Canada, Mexico, the USA and many more.

We at MISS-SCUBA wish to share our success with you and invite you to join our team of retailers. Our products are currently distributed in LifeStyle, Yoga, Scuba Stores, Liveaboards and Resorts World Wide, and at the highly popular (in the US) Whole Food Market in Venice Beach, California.

For pricing and retail application information please contact: MISS-SCUBA (818) 359-8236 Fax: (818) 286-1513. szilvia@miss-scuba.com

Our full jewelry product line can be seen at: http://www.goghjewelrydesign.com


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