girls diving with girls


Well Miss-Scuba, groupies, my story comes to you with season greetings and a story of how I learned about this wonderful woman Szilvia Gogh, In August of 2008.


My local dive shop All About Scuba in Fairfield California had an all girls trip planned to Catalina Island....  I wanted to go so bad.


However at the time my and my fiances budget were tight for the upcoming wedding in September that year. However I married the best man for me because he gave me my wedding present early, he had paid for me to go on this great trip, full of women from all age groups, and back grounds.


While enjoying an extended weekend on Catalina, Miss Szilvia stumbled across a group of all women getting comments from fellow dive groups asking where the men were. While wearing our Mermaid trip shirts, she handed out magnets and cards, we all knew we would become a fan of hers since she was after the same thing we were.


It was a weekend full of incredible divers and life changing experiences, 2 sisters who had grown apart started diving together again, Kathy our fearless leader watched over us and had a lifetime dream of starting all girl dive trips come true (we were her first group, Thanks Kat for you!)


Jodi and I saw 2 black giant sea bass they came right up to us and we spent about 10 minutes just taking photos with these gentle giants and went through our air pretty quick it was so exciting.


The weekend was not  just about the diving, we all got to keep our days ours, NO kids, boyfriends, husbands, deadlines, bosses, or men to distract from the shopping, late night talks, and enjoying the great diving Catalina has to offer.


It was my last time out as a single woman, that weekend taught me that no matter the age of the woman, or where they are at, we all need time to be ladies, and encourage one another. Now happily married, and we enjoy great vacations and exotic dive sites, the memory of that weekend holds a special place in my heart and look forward to more lady dive trips!


Written by Andrea Read, California. Photo Credit: Barbara Watkins.