This is me on the world's biggest seahorse.  It sits in about 40 feet of water off Cane Bay on the north shore of St.Croix, USVI and I actually put it there myself.  (Well, three strong guys and a pick-up truck physically put it there...)  The horse is an old merry-go-round horse that was decor at the house I bought in Estate Betsy's Jewel, now called Larimar St. Croix.  It's a classic West Indies design - it won architechural awards when it was built in the 1960s - but needed a lot of redecorating.  The horse was just a bad idea. 

Now the horse is a tourist attraction for the island, especially for new divers who get to go home with a great picture of themselves underwater.  I'm hoping that the seahorse will become a dive spot like the statue of the Virgin in Jamaica, and will long outlive me.

On the picture it is me on the seahorse.
My house, the Larimar St. Croix can be rented by groups. Divers or non-divers, just click on www.larimarstcroix.com


Written by Etlie Ann Vare, St Croix.