Diving in Puerto Rico is a blessing.   I work pretty hard- so it's very convenient to be able to shore dive ten minutes away from where you live or to do some serious wall diving after a 1.5 hour drive.  There's a bit of everything in Puerto Rico in terms of diving: shore, reef, wall, drift diving.   Some areaas are heavily fished, so it is difficult to see large life.  However, some areas that compare very well with the best Caribbean diving I have done (and I have tried diving almost everywhere in the Caribbean) are:  Mona island (uninhabited, protected, great life but a 2 hour boat ride from the southwest coast of PR), the wall at La Parguera (inthe south west, a wall that runs about 25 miles long with gorgeous black coral starting at 60 ft.) and Desecheo island in the west.    Great coral and plenty of life.


I will be happy to recommend hotels and dive shops if anyone is interested in doing some diving in Puerto Rico.



Written by Luly De Cardenas, Puerto Rico.