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PADI Course Director in Malta

rita vella


I am Maltese, still living there and diving the Mediterranean Sea every day. I used to spend Saturdays waiting for my boyfriend to come back from his dives, and in the end I decided to start doing it myself. I remember my first dive way back in 1985 quite vividly, the feeling of going underwater for the first time while still being able to breathe… a memory anyone who ever did scuba diving keeps. Many years later I became a Course Director, in 1999. It was a double accomplishment for me. Apart from becoming the first female Maltese Course Director in the Maltese Islands I was also one of the very first two locals to attain such a post. I own Diveshack Scuba. Visit my website at

Dive buddy in Los Angeles

maryann valbuena


As a kid, i used to love watching Jacques Custeau's adventures underwater and was always fascinated with the underwater life that i saw on TV and wondered what it was like to breath underwater and see the beautiful world down below.  That curiousity finally became a reality in 2004 when i finally took the plunge and found out the answer to my question.  I fell in love with scuba diving instantly and got my open water cert. and eventually got my advance cert and i've been diving ever since!  Scuba diving is my escape from the craziness of the daily hustle and bustle and brings me peace and tranquility.  I'm used to cold water diving in CA so any chance i get to travel and dive in the warm water with endless vis is an extra treat!  My love for travel has taken me to other cool places like Aruba, Cozumel and looking forward to other fun dive destinations (Fiji, Belize, Bonaire, Malaysia, etc.).  Sea turtles are still my favorite friends underwater :-)

PADI Master Instrctor in Egypt

livia volgyesi

LIVIA VOLGYESI: She is way too busy to write now... traveling and diving in Hurghada, Egypt.


Dive Instructor in Costa Rica

brenda van gestel


I started traveling with my parents when I was quit young. I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and had a very adventurous youth. Growing up, getting married, just the normal things in life, but the urge to travel stayed. So we moved to Curacao and started a dive center. This was the perfect life! The diving was great but it was time for a change. Now we are running Rich Coast Diving a PADI 5* IDC center in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. In our last IDC I joined and am now a PADI Staff Instructor, but I am going for Master Instructor. Course Director? Who knows? As long as I can keep diving and move around the world!

PADI Master Instructor in Costa Rica

rosie wang


I am 45 years old.  A name on a piece of paper and a life lived in the sea. I am British by nationality, but for the past seven years I have been working as a diving instructor in such diverse places as Thailand, Honduras, California, Antigua, Malta, Caymans and now you will find my body diving in the Pacific waters of Costa Rica. It’s a lifestyle not so much about traveling but about living.  But why?  I thought that the salty sea dog look could in years to come be a fashion statement on the catwalks of Paris, London and Milan, so I thought I would preempt it.

Instructor in the Bahamas

cristina zenato


I was born in Italy,grew up in in the middle of the rain forest of the Congo Africa till the age of 15, and in doing so developed a love of the outdoors and a passion for the ocean. Life took a different turn though and at the age of 22 I went to the Bahamas to learn Scuba diving. It defined my career. For the past 14 years I worked for UNEXSO, starting to work as a temporary diving supervisor back in 1998. From my exploits I wrote a few short stories for newsletters about cave diving and training. With UNEXSO I also embarked in another passion: Sharks. Self taught about sharks, their behavior, and the difference in sharks, I became the shark feeder instructor for the staff training and guest program.