SCUBA DIVE GIRLS: We are regular, but unordinary girls, just like you...




Dive Instructor in Puyallup,


cindy ross
I live in Puyallup, WA. I never understood the word "can't"…so when it was snowing during my Open Water course, I persevered. But, after enduring the freezing cold temperatures, I wanted a shirt. A simple t-shirt. You know, a "been there, done that…have the shirt to prove it" piece. I searched the internet. I searched her local dive stores. The only casual wear she could find came with skeletons and sharks and I was told that "women could order a man's size small for a good fit".

Dive buddy in Dallas, Texas

toni rose


I live in a suburb of Dallas, Rowlett, TX near Lake Ray Hubbard. I was a Marine Corps brat so I lived a lot of places in the US. I started diving around 2000. I took a trip to St. John’s and hired a day sail. After snorkeling in the bay and seeing the colorful fish life and clear waters ( I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast off Bolivar Peninsula and viz was about 6 inches) I came straight home and signed up for lessons. I had already booked a trip to Cancun before signing up for scuba lessons with a PADI shop in Little Rock, AR, Rick’s Dive and Travel, and became certified before I left. I started diving in my late forties and I’m 56 this year.

Dive buddy in Los Angeles

LISETTE ruggiero


She is way too busy to write now... traveling and diving in California.

Scuba Instructor in Auckland, New Zealand




tara sutherland







I am a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in Auckland, New Zealand.  I have been training
with PADI since I started diving. Some how, some where along the way, I have picked up the nickname Dive Mistress (among others). No, I wont be spanking you if you don't get your skills right the first time and no, I don't wear a collar and carry whips underwater - but I know where I can borrow some if the need does indeed arise!

I was talked into learning to dive by a friend of mine about 3 years ago.  We were going to Fiji so it seemed like the perfect time to learn - as well as there being clear and blue waters. The way I tell the story now, I didn't really know about the learning to dive part but in fact, I agreed to it.  I still spent the whole flight to Fiji thinking about how I could get out of it but after the week was done I had to admit that I actually loved it!  As soon as I got my hands on an underwater housing for my camera, well I was even more hooked.

lisa speisseger


When I was fifteen, my dad took me snorkeling while on a trip to Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean. The location was an underwater park established by Jacques Cousteau. The water was gin-clear, and although I could see the huge brain corals beneath me, I was frustrated that I couldn’t free dive any closer than 10 feet below the surface. Then I saw the divers hovering over the corals… and that was it for me. Right then and there I told my parents I wanted to learn to dive. My mom wasn’t having any of it, “you’ll have to pay for it yourself!” she told me, thinking this would dissuade me. It didn’t at all – I returned home, lied about my age and got a job working at the local ice-cream store, working for a dollar an hour (turns out the owner knew I was lying, so she cheated me out of a reasonable wage). Four months later, I started my lessons alongside my older brother, who had also caught the diving bug. I love interacting with the creatures, small and large.  I love the sounds of my friends laughing underwater. It seems that your intentions, thoughts, actions, and emotions are concentrated down to their purest, simplest essence while diving – what I consider the “zen” of diving. I’m not a person who can meditate on dry land, but I can meditate under water.

PADI Course Director in Kansas

patty seery


Became certified in 1995 but started diving passionately in 1998.  Became an Instructor in 1999 and have kept moving onwards and upwards!
Diving experience ranges from fresh water lakes, quarries and springs (including minor cave experience) to both US coasts, multiple Caribbean islands, and several Pacific  destinations.  I love shore diving, live aboards, underwater photography and wreck diving.

Woman clothing designer

carolyn sergent


I live in the US. I have been diving for over 10 years. My husband & I met through our love for Scuba diving. We have started a new line of scuba clothing for both men & women called 'Amphibious Warrior Scuba Wear' & 'Scubalicious'. We donate over 25% of our net profits to Ocean Conservation groups like: Sea Shepherd, Oceana, Adopt-a-Shark, Wildlife Warriors. We also actively promote activism writing to Congress to help pass important conservation laws.

Underwater Painter

pegie sue slaughter


I have been drawing since a very young age. My mom used to sit w/ me and show me how to draw things. In HS I had 3 hours of art a day. It is my "release" I guess you could say. A few years went by where I did no art at all. THEN, I went on my first Dive Trip to Bonaire. When I saw the reefs and the fish, I knew I had to paint what I was seeing. I have u/w photographers that let me use their photos to paint by.  Most of my pics use 10-25 photos to get them right. I absolutly love painting the fish and the reefs. I've sold MANY of my paintings, before they were even done. Ya gotta love the internet!!! :)

Dive buddy in California

julia ann tavella


A long long time ago... In a land far far away... There was this girl who really liked a boy and would do anything the boy asked her to do, because she was very co-dependant. One day the boy asked her to go scuba diving for his birthday vacation in Cancun. Of course, she signed up for scuba lesson and became a certified diver. Due to the boy's paralyzing fear of commitment two broke up. The girl decided it was time to become independent and continue to dive without any boys' company. Then she remembered that there was a scuba store down the street from her house (Aqua Adventures) and the scuba instructor at the store was the boy's ex-girlfriend. The girl went to the store and signed up with the ex-girlfriend for an all-girls scuba vacation in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. They had so much fun together that they decided to live happily ever after.

Dive Instructor in Grenada

gerlinde seupel


I am German, but living the sunny live in the Caribbean for about 15 years, always managing a dive center, first in Curacao and now in Grenada. Grenada is my home now and I am very much settled with friends, I am married, no kids – too busy with diving and traveling.

My favorite dive spot in Grenada is Shark reef – on the Atlantic side, sometimes strong currents but always lots to see – not only sharks – nurse and reef, but also turtles, rays, crabs, plenty of fish.

Former NAUI Instructor and Underwater Photographer in Portland,Oregon

ERIKA tucker


I like to travel and dive because the water on the Pacific coast is COLD. I love diving here, but I prefer the warm water of the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Also, I think the fish are brighter and more colors in warmer water. My favorite fish (trunkfish) don't like the cold so I can only see them when I travel. Also, everywhere else you get a real divemaster who shows you the cool things to see whereas here, you're on your own and have to find your own way back to the boat. I've never NOT found my way back, but it's an added stress that I don't like when I'm busy taking photos.

Dive buddy in Southern California

patty tutor


I have been diving for about 2 years. I am advanced certified, and interested in underwater photography. Most of my diving has been in Southern California, either Catalina or beach dives in Laguna Beach. I have been diving in La Paz, and 1 dive, a discover scuba dive in Hawaii, which is what got me into diving in the first place. I am looking forward to doing some more tropical diving.