Spending almost as much time on dive boats as on land, I see it over and over... Yet, still not sure what to say when it happens.


A girlfriend of mine asked me with frustration: How can I avoid being hit on? All I want to do is enjoy the diving and guys taking it on the wrong way. Or is it me? Am I giving out false signals just by being friendly to other divers?


I was not sure what to tell her.


Since I am a member of ScubaBoard, I figured I ask this question on their Woman to Woman Forum.


The post received tremendous responses, from which I decided to gather my favorites and share with all those girls who need them.


  • Be ugly...


  • Tell her wear a wedding ring of some kind. Guys could not tell a glass one from a real one.

  • It's probably going to happen. In any situation where there is an attractive girl present, they will probably get hit on by single (and sometimes not single) guys. This is even more so in an environment where there are much fewer women then men AND you're in a confined area AND in a swimsuit.


  • What I have seen some girls do is pick one of the older or more refined gentlemen or another woman to befriend that way it is harder for me...ah I mean other divers to hit on them.

  • Have her eat three hard-boiled eggs and a pack of Vela mints on the way to the dive boat.


  • Bring a book and act like you are reading it. Or use the fish charts. I'd also wear a one piece swimming suit with a skirt (LOL). Most of the women on the boats I go on wear very small two pieces suits that don't cover much of anything.

  • Staying away from men is the only sure bet.


  • Enjoy it, because eventually she will not get the attention (age and gravity)!

  • Tell her to burp, fart, and pee in her wetsuit and not rinse it out.


  • Lots of snots and bugger before and after a dive.

  • Why not just have fun with it. Lead all the guys on, and at the end of the dive back at the dock, have this big stud meet you in his Corvette to take you away from the boat. It works in the movies...

  • Have her go DIR. She can wear all black and have an attitude problem, hence the only divers she will be allowed to talk to will be other DIR types. Of course male DIR divers won't hit on her because they will be so engrossed with the whole DIR thing any thought of hitting on her would be frowned upon by JJ and the DIR police.

  • True story...... on a dive boat once we had this really attractive female DM. All the guys on the boat thought she was cute, until she took off her wetsuit. My husband was talking to her and then turned around to me with his eyes bugged out. I looked. It looked like she had a couple of squirrels sticking out of her bikini bottoms. Holy cow, that's one way to keep guys from hitting on you! Don't shave your bikini area!


  • How you present yourself will affect the sort of people that approach you.

  • Maybe your friend is a newbie and doesn't understand dive-ease talk. When a guy says you have a great set-up, he's referring to your gear, not your personal attributes. When he asks you if you'd like to see his sausage, he's referring to his SMB (surface marker buoy). When he says he loves going down, he's referring to the dive. If he tells you he has an incredible SAC, he's referring to his air consumption rate. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. So many things can be misconstrued if you don't know the language.


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