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Tek Dive Instructor in Egypt

grechen ashton


Virginie Abrial is an Advanced Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver, as well as an Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Trimix Instructor. Diving since more than 18 years, she worked several years on diving liveaboards in Egypt, before becoming interested by technical diving. She manages the Professional Underwater Rebreather Explorers (PURE) facility at the Red Sea Diving College in Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), together with Christian HEYLEN, her companion and owner/GM of PURE. She specializes in deep trimix underwater videography, and she produces movies about their findings and activities in Egypt and worldwide.


Dive fitness expert in San Diego

grechen ashton


When I was a girl, my mother bought me a 20-volume set of books called “The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau”.  An avid, reader, I read the entire set, several times.  We lived in Arizona, and on 110-degree summer days I often looked through the books and imagined myself swimming in the ocean.  In 1986, I married and moved to southern California.  We immediately began to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. On the recommendation of a friend, scuba diving seemed a natural next step.   My husband (dive buddy) and I love to dive and take a couple of dive trips each year. As a fitness professional in our moderate climate, outdoor recreation blends well with a healthy scuba lifestyle.  My passion is teaching and motivating others to fitness.  The healthier we are the longer we will be able to participate in outdoor activities like scuba diving.  I want to dive forever!

Dive Instructor in Micronesia

katrina adams


I’m a partner in Kosrae Village Ecolodge & Dive Resort (did you see that we were selected by Nat Geo Adventure as one of the world’s top 50 lodges in the current issue?).  I am also the general manager.  I love photography (most of my work is underwater, naturally).  I teach scuba, including digital photography and am very active in environmental issues as well as private sector development on Kosrae Island.  Kosrae is part of the Federated States of Micronesia and is just now developing an economy.  It’s pretty tough, I get to teach, dive and take photos on one of the most pristine coral reefs in the Pacific.  Did I mention that the island itself is also gorgeous? My website is

Dive buddy in Boston

diana abrashkin


I am an architect in a Boston exurb, whose main passion is nature.  Into this category I fit birding, gardening, botanizing, and FISH-WATCHING.  (Another hobby is belly-dancing which explains my photo.)  I began diving in 1986 and have dived all over the Caribbean and a few times in the Pacific, which is my favorite, because there one can find more fish and more varieties of the same species. I like the fact that in the Pacific, the reef is teeming with fish, like an anthill.  Unfortunately, I only have the time, energy and resources to go to the Pacific infrequently -it's quite a pilgrimage from Boston!  Especially for a certified senior citizen!

Atomic gear expert in Los Angeles

darcy benward


When I started diving 9 years ago, it changed my life. It is my passion, what I spend my free time doing and now my career. I have grown up on the beach, and been in the ocean my whole life so diving came naturally.  I’ve been honored for the last 4 ½ years to be working at such a reputable and first class operation like Atomic Aquatics.  I wear many hats there as inside sales, customer service rep, support to the sales guys and have a ton of fun traveling to many trade shows and events each year. My love for diving hasn’t stopped and I’ve been to many islands in the Caribbean.  I keep active in the California kelp but my true love is Cozumel. I always say I’ve got to live a long time because there are a lot more places left I want to

Ultimate Diver Challenge Organizer

pam bertrand






Two and a half years ago, I began the adventure of creating the Ultimate Diver Challenge! This has truly been a long journey and challenging as well. Although I did not take the challenge -- I and my volunteers had many. The week was full of work but work that provided the opportunity for divers to show off diving skills mastered to make them the best of the best in scuba diving. Through the created challenges that were designed to test the knowledge, buoyancy, navigation and search/stress/rescue skills the divers in attendance displayed passion and precision. Various dive teams from around the United States and Mexico participated in 3 challenges over the course of three days. The top five dive teams were selected from the results of those challenges. Then, all ten divers competed individually in three challenges for the chance to earn the title of the Ultimate Diver 2008.

Dive Instructor in Costa Rica

nadine beard






I was born in Oakland California but grew up in the mid-West and being land-locked, I never considered scuba diving.  Bill - my boyfriend at that time - took me to Costa Rica in late 1988, and taught me to dive.  I discovered scuba diving was something I didn't ever want to stop doing.  I quit my job in the US, became a PADI instructor and later a NAUI Course Director.  I have been living and working in the dive industry in Costa Rica ever since, and love to introduce others to the joy of diving.  I cherish the fact that I have been able to make a living doing something I love while putting four kids through college, assisting with four weddings, and seeing six grandchildren come into this world.  I can't wait to pass on my love of diving to all of them!  In 1996, I was honored with the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 award and have been nominated along with my husband for the Legends of Diving award.


Dive Instructor in North Carolina

kristi bernot




Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to learn to dive, it all started when I watched National Geographic's film The Sharks. I always dreamed of diving with and studying sharks (a dream which I finally was able to make come true recently when I dove off the North Carolina coast with several sand tigers.) I started diving about 2 years ago, once I finished my open water I was eager to start my advanced and than I found out I was pregnant, so after a seemingly too long sabbatical from diving I was able to finish up... several classes later I am now a divemaster candidate looking to become a PADI instructor. I also manage the dive shop my husband and I took over here in North Carolina, I'm looking forward to many more years of great diving!

Dive buddy in London, UK

leanne bentley



I was born in Australia and came to London in 1988.  During a year's backpacking, I decided to give diving a try and trained on the Great Barrier Reef in 1995.  I didn't discover diving holidays until 1998 when I made three trips to the Red Sea, and have tried to make it annual event ever since.  I have dived all over the world, including the Caribbean, Maldives, Fiji and Cocos.  My passion is for sharks and I have seen most varieties, with the exception of great whites and whale sharks.  It's always a thrill and a huge privilege to be in such close proximity to these beautiful wild creatures.  My favourites are hammerheads, although tigers are pretty cool too.  And so huge.  I love the underwater world, and have done so since I was a child.  I really enjoy taking photographs, but am a point-and-shoot girl and don't get too hung up on getting that perfect shot - thank heavens for digital is all I can say.


michele benson


Michele Benson obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art from Potsdam State College in New York in 1976. She is the owner of an art studio and gallery where she teaches jewelry making and beadmaking.

Travel Specialist in San Diego

karma jewell crampton


My name is Karma Jewell Crampton of San Diego California. I spend my time in the community here and on the global networks gathering amazing articles from women who love diving and publish their adventures in my free digital dive magazine called Lady Diver Magazine.
I love underwater photography and anything to do with scuba diving. Sharing this love with others is my way of inspiring the world to dive and care about our oceans.
Check out our latest issue of Lady Diver Magazine at

Travel Specialist in Colorado

darcie carr


I am a travel specialists promoting diving vacations as well as customized adventure travel itineraries to worldwide destinations for the past 18 years. Our years of experience allow us to customize vacations to be entirely unique and incredibly special, incorporating all that the destination has to offer and suited to your style of travel. I have traveled extensively throughout the South Pacific, Africa, the Caribbean, and South and Central America.

Dive Charter operator in Lake Ontario

ayesha cantrell


I am a PADI instructor and own my own Dive Charter Businesson Lake Ontario here  in Kingston. I started diving in 2000, my first OW dive being in Costa Rica with a magnificent Manta ...amazing. I have not looked back since then, I can not seem to stay Out of the water. I became an instructor in 2005 and began working on the charter boats in 2007. I love to be on the water and under it! Bonaire is my favourite winter escape.

Technical Instructor in Thailand

ayesha cantrell


After leaving the corporate world behind, I took my first steps into the- world-at-large over six years ago and I have been difficult to pin down ever since!  Happiest when looking for wrecks, I’m both a PADI and SSI Instructor. I spend my time diving, teaching and traveling – dabbling with creative pursuits like writing and photography along the way.

Dive buddy in Los Angeles

HILLARY drennan


Traveling provides me with an opportunity to see different parts of the world, and to experience different cultures.  I have traveled to Western Europe, Canada, and after becoming scuba certified, St. Lucia, Mexico and Indonesia.  Traveling allows me to relax and escape the stresses of daily life.  Scuba diving provides a relaxing escape and can be calming and peaceful. 

Divemaster in Los Angeles

maria de armas


I am a Cuban girl living in the US. I had my first scuba diving experience in 1988 at Cabo San Lucas. I was so excited on that first dive, the thought of breathing underwater and being in another world made me fall in love with scuba diving forever. In June of 2001 I headed to Aqua adventures in Los Angeles to become a certified open water diver, never stopped ever since, and now I am a Divemaster. I love scuba diving and want to share the thrill and excitement I feel to other divers.

Scuba Instructor in Grand Cayman

nancy easterbrook


I am the owner and founder of Divetech in Grand Cayman, operating since 1994 at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort and Lighthouse Point. I introduced nitrox, technical diving, rebreathers and free diving to Grand Cayman and have authored many papers and several training books on scuba and free-diving. I am an avid supporter of the environment with contributions to a myriad of efforts to support a clean and healthy environment for both today and future generations.

Freediver in Thailand

monica eusebio



Exploring the underwater Koh Tao, Thailand at the same time you discover yourself. Going down and down with a single breath is an addictive passion, you feel one with the sea and the most beautiful peace. Everyone that love the sea should try it! My best memories are freedives at night time, with no flashlight. Other good ones where with bull sharks, white tip oceanics, mantas and of course the gentle whale shark.

SCUBA and Titan CCR Instructor in California

elaine ferrito



I was a competitive swimmer for 16 years. Swimming gave me many opportunities, including qualifying for the US Olympic Trials, NCAA Championships, and competing for The University of Texas. After my swimming career, I took an advertising job in an office and I really missed the
water! I moved to California, and soon thereafter, was introduced into scuba diving and rebreather diving. I currently work for Titan Dive Gear and am the in-house Titan CCR Instructor. I fell in love with rebreather diving and look forward to getting more women involved in rebreather diving.

Dive buddy in New York

roberta finke


I was born and bred in NY City (borough of Queens). I dive because I am. I dive because of each wonderful and curious creature that swims, crawls, shimmies, wriggles, flutters in the current, zips through the water column desperately and powerfully. I dive because 20 years ago I was lead from a beach at Bonaire foot by foot under the sea, and I thought I had entered heaven when we reached 20 feet and I was breathing under the waves and looking fish eye to eye. Since then,  I've  had the very great privilege to visit the creatures of the Caribbean, the eastern and western Pacific, the Atlantic Ocean,  the Sulu Sea,  Lembeh Strait, Kembeh Strait and the people who live above their home.

PADI Course Director in Mexico

alessandra figari


I am a recreational and technical diving instructor and trainer, DSAT Trimix Trainer and PADI Course Director, IANTD Tec Instructor and IANTD Tec Full Cave Instructor. I have been living during the last 7 years mainly in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. I developed a special love for caverns and caves while there both by guiding and teaching. I enjoy the view of the canyon reefs of Mexico as well as the incredible wrecks of the nearby Florida. I logged a total of more than 3000 dives all around the world.