Diving, Snorkeling, Spa time, Horseback Riding, Waterfall Treks... Who could wish for more?


Anyone who is fortunate enough to travel to Fiji knows that they are heading towards a very special place even before they arrive. With in-flight movies, moist towelettes to freshen up before an early morning breakfast complete with champagne, the flight from Los Angeles is a piece of cake.


You get on the plane, sleep, and wake up in Tropical Paradise with soft Fijian music welcoming you in the traditional Bula spirit. A short transfer in the airport and you are on the island of Taveuni where your adventures begin.


An hour car transfer from the airport to the southern tip of the island will bring you to Paradise Taveuni appropriately named for its perfect location perched on a grassy precipice with views out to sea. This resort is perfect for anyone who enjoys access to unique adventures but also loves to indulge in a spa treatment or two with views from a private massage bure out to the ocean.


Hop in the water for wonderful snorkeling as soon as you enter. Dive into the Coral Gardens, Rainbow Reef, and the Stairs for amazing dives full of little critters and sheer walls.


For an unbeatable dive that you can truly brag to your friends about, take a day to visit the Great White Wall. The land adventures are equally captivating, with waterfall treks in Buomo Falls National Park, and for a truly authentic cultural experience you can join a local on a traditional pig hunt.


On the island of Taveuni, adventure abounds but so do the guiltless pleasures of delicious cuisine, private outdoor spas, and hour-long full body massges.


Written by Darcie Carr,Fiji. Photo Credit: Darcie Carr
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