Bonaire Makes Me Happy

bonairebonaireOver the past few years I have been lucky enough to dive all over the world. Bucket list diving.


Hammerheads in Galapagos. Mantas in Yap. Everything in Palau. It has been very exciting, eye opening and exhilarating!


But I spent the last few weeks in completely lazy, warm water, easy diving bliss and realized that for all the adventure in the world…..


Bonaire diving makes me HAPPY!  One bag and a carry on (just for extra stylish swimwear and cute dress) and no need for the dreaded haul of layers of neoprene. The waters around the island have been protected for so long the colorful, healthy reef makes it easy to relax and never get bored.


bonaireEven the fish and critters look happy! Bonaire and it's easy, relaxed shore and boat diving are great for beginners and fun for more experienced divers and I like being with both.


The next time I am needing some bright colors, slow Island time, and a reminder of the "fun relaxing hobby" I started diving for… I am headed straight back to the Divi dive dock. Smile!

Written by Dawn Rubick, Colorado.