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  • prawno
  • Prawno: Fish Park Crew Tee

    Fish Park comes from some of the many dives that we have done where we literally felt like we were in an aquarium.  The design itself is meant to simulate that dreamy, contemplative moment that you have when you pinch yourself and realize how beautiful the underwater world is.

    The sharks are from Stuart Cove's in the Bahamas, featuring freediver and stunt woman, Liz Parkinson.  Also pictured are trevally from Thailand, eyes of pygmy seahorses in Indonesia, and other fish from the Bahamas.

    Printed by hand in North Carolina.

    Prawno’s design inspiration comes from Lia’s encounters with marine life and individuals from the far corners of West Papua New Guinea to the deep darkness of the Cayman Trench. She translates her photography into designs for clothing that convey a fascination with the landscapes and creatures of the diverse underwater world, as well as the human role in its conservation.

    Editor's Note: I am hard to impress when it comes to dive apparel. It was love at first sight with Prawno. It is the perfect length and is super soft.

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    Miss Scuba: The simple happiness of Vanuatu

  • The simple happiness of Vanuatu

    “I’m going to Vanuatu!”
    “Where’s that?” will often be the response.

    Being slightly unsure myself, I would wave my arm in a broad 180 degrees swipe in a North Easterly direction and say, “just a little down from Papua New Guinea.”

    To be more precise, Vanuatu is an archipelago of 82 small islands at the base of a larger splatter of islands forming Melanesia, due east of Port Douglas. Vanuatu is surrounded by its big brothers, The Solomon Islands to the North and sandwiched between Fiji and New Caledonia to the South.
    I worked out that it would take about a day to reach it by boat from Port Douglas.  By plane, it involved the convoluted detour of flying from Brisbane... Read the journey HERE


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